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What responsibilities can I expect my live in nanny to carry?

Priorities and Responsibilities for the Live In Nanny

Sometimes a live in nanny job involves much more than watching over the children during the day. It can include housekeeping duties, meal preparation, running errands, driving the kids to events, and even keeping an eye on elderly parents who might happen to live in the home. It's important for the hiring family to keep in mind that a live in nanny is not a substitute for a nurse or medical care. If anyone in the home requires medical treatments, blood pressure monitoring, etc, the live in nanny isn't the person to do that. In that case, a home healthcare worker needs to be hired.

Besides the usual childcare duties, light housekeeping, and meal preparation, you might ask a live in nanny to simply be a companion to the elderly person living in the home. With no expectation of medical services, the nanny could be the person to bring tea, serve a snack once a day, or have a game of cards with the elderly person in the home.

It's important to have reasonable expectations of the live in nanny and explain (verbally and in a contract) exactly what those expectations are. Also, let the live in nanny know what priority each responsibility takes. For example, is it more important for you to have the live in nanny get supper started at the end of the day, or play a game of cards with your elderly parent?

What vacation arrangements should I consider if I have a live in nanny?

Taking a Vacation with the Live In Nanny

With or without a live in nanny, vacation time is going to roll around. If this is your first year with a nanny in your home, it's time to decide how you're going to handle vacation time. The following are some things to think about before planning your summer escape:

1) Are you going to take the kids with you on vacation? If you and your spouse/partner are going to an adult-only resort, talk to the live in nanny about staying home with the kids.

2) How long are you going to be gone? If you're leaving the kids in the care of the live in nanny, make sure to prepare ahead of time. Arrange for someone (parents? friends?) to take the kids for a day or two. If the live in nanny is fine working the extra hours, be prepared to pay the overtime compensation.

3) Do you plan on going to an amusement park, camping, or some other vacation destination with the kids? You may want to consider bringing the live in nanny with you to help out with the kids.

If you're going away on vacation, but the live in nanny is staying behind with the kids, make sure your cupboards are well stocked before you go, offer the use of your car (if possible) while you're away, and make sure to leave contact information where you can be reached in the case of an emergency.

What are the pros and cons of hiring a live in International nanny versus someone local?

Live In Nannies - Some Pros and Cons

There are distinct pros and cons of a live in nanny job. For international nannies looking to make a move to another country, finding a live in nanny job is the ideal solution. There's usually more paperwork and red tape involved both for the nanny and for the hiring family, but it usually works out really well in the end. The pros of a live in nanny job for nannies of other countries include:

1) An opportunity to see and work in a new country.

2) The opportunity to learn English as a second language.

3) Good working conditions.

4) Better pay and benefits.

5) An opportunity to pursue other things including more education.

On the other hand, there are some cons for international nannies moving to other countries to accept live in nanny jobs.

1) There could be a language barrier.

2) They're often far from family and friends.

3) There's a lot of paperwork and the laws of hiring an international nanny are somewhat different than hiring a domestic one.

4) Depending on where the nannies come from, there could be big cultural barriers.

Whether you decide to pay for a live in nanny or not is up to you. It all depends on your needs, lifestyle, and finances to support a live in nanny position.

How do I know when the family I work for has gone too far in their expectations of what a live in nanny does?

You Want Me To Do What?

If you're thinking of becoming a live in nanny, you should be aware that there are added responsibilities that come with the job. As a live in nanny, you'll most likely be expected to do extra chores around the house and work more overtime hours than you would otherwise. Before you accept a live in nanny position, make sure the family has created a detailed contract and read it thoroughly before signing.

Just because you're a live in nanny doesn't mean the family owns you. You have rights! If any of the following scenarios happen to you, the family has officially crossed the line:

1) The family insists that the dog and three cats “absolutely must” sleep in your living space.

2) You're asked to paint the north side of the house after the kids are down for their naps.

3) You're asked to buy “tighty whities” for the man of the house.

4) Giving foot rubs to anyone in the house who doesn't own YOUR feet is not recommended.

5) Doing some basic cooking and light housekeeping is normal; shingling the roof is not.

6) Never agree to transfer suspicious, heavy, plastic bags from the family car's trunk to any destination.

As a live in nanny, the scariest thing you should ever have to do is scrape mold from a forgotten container. Keeping the kids safe, helping the parents around the house, and keeping flexible hours to work some overtime are all normal expectations for live in nannies.


Finding a Live In Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: You may be able to find a nanny by searching the classifieds, signing with a nanny agency, or asking friends, neighbors, and relatives. Be sure and reward your live in nanny with a bonus whenever you feel it is appropriate. After all, she is looking after your most prized possession!


Colorado Nanny

Nannies4hire. com Tip: Using a Colorado nanny agency will ensure that the family is hiring a live in nanny who has been interviewed and passed a rigorous background check. In home childcare provided by a Colorado nanny will enable parents to leave their children with a trustworthy caregiver.

What can I do to let my live in nanny know that she's really doing a great job?

Praise for the Live In Nanny

Nannies deserve the same care and respect you'd give any of your family members. They are, after all, the people who spend the majority of their time with your kids. They do a lot in the house and help alleviate stress so that you can go to work without worry. In an office setting, the employer might offer praise for a job well done, tell his or her employee to take an extra day off “just because”, or offer a raise or bonus. There's really no difference between you and the nanny. You're the boss; the nanny is the employee.

Think about it. When's the last time you sincerely praised your live in nanny for a job well done? Sure she gets paid to do what she does, but that doesn't mean you can't offer a pat on the back. Morale goes a long way in productivity, for any worker in any workplace setting. If your nanny truly is doing a great job, don't wait for your scheduled review to let her know, tell her now! It doesn't take much time out of your day to say, “You're really doing a great job; the kids love you!” Do you when her birthday is? Have a little celebration and get the kids involved. Those little things that you do will keep your live in nanny happy and a happy nanny is a happy family.

What can I reasonably expect of my live in nanny?

Respecting Boundaries

A live in nanny should show the same amount of professionalism that she'd show if she were working in any other setting. Sometimes, with increased comfort, there's a tendency to slack off. Whether or not you have a live in nanny, that person needs to be up and ready to work bright and early every morning. While you're preparing to go to work, the nanny should be getting the kids ready for school, getting breakfast made, and making sure the kids get to the school bus on time. If you have to wake your live in nanny in the morning, it's time to have a chat with her.

It's okay to stick with your expectations and enforce them. After all, you hired your live in nanny to do a job and that's what you expect. There's nothing wrong with that. However, on the nanny's after-hours schedule, she should be left to her own privacy. Making unrealistic demands like asking her to help with your teen's homework half the night is not acceptable. If you're doing that, it's no wonder she can't get up on time!

Set reasonable expectations for your live in nanny, including a certain degree of professionalism but also learn to respect her boundaries as well.

What are some tips for hiring a live in nanny?

Tips for Hiring a Live In Nanny

Before you begin the process of hiring a live in nanny for your family, take a look at the following tips:

  1. Create a private area that will belong only to the live in nanny, including a bedroom and bathroom. Give her plenty of room to store her things.
  2. Once you've hired your nanny, give her a tour of the area, including any places that she will be expected to take your children, such as schools, parks, churches, museums, etc.
  3. Give the nanny plenty of opportunity to bond with your children without you being nearby. The live in nanny and the children must establish a good relationship for this arrangement to work.
  4. Don't expect your live in nanny to stay at your home without the use of a vehicle. If she doesn't have her own, be sure there is a vehicle that she has access to.
  5. It's always a good idea to install a private phone line for your nanny to use with the understanding the she pays for any long distance calls.
  6. Allow the nanny to place special food that she likes in the refrigerator and pantry. Offer to buy some of her favorites periodically.
  7. Go over all of the household rules with the live in nanny, including visitors, vacation leave, and overtime pay.
  8. Do not expect your nanny to work extra hours without asking her permission and giving her overtime pay.
  9. Respect your live in nanny's private and off time.

How can I keep a good live in nanny?

How To Keep a Good Live In Nanny

Live in nannies typically don't jump from one to another...unless they are unhappy in their current situation. In home childcare is a wonderful solution for providing children with a loving and nurturing environment. However, all parties involved must work hard at maintaining a good relationship. How can you keep a good live in nanny? Read the following tips:

  1. Respect her privacy. Provide your nanny with plenty of time to explore her own interests. Give her space within your home that she can call her own.
  2. Talk to her about any problems.Don't automatically assume your live in nanny knows exactly what you are thinking or what you want.
  3. Pay her well. Live in nannies are in home childcare givers. This means they are the next most important person in a child's life after the parents. Show how important your live in nanny is to your household by paying her a fair wage.
  4. Give her support. There will be times when the live in nanny and your children may not agree. Be ready to give her your support unless you have some reason doubt her actions.
  5. Be flexible-While the live in nanny may be able and willing to pitch in during spur of the moment emergencies, don't take advantage or her services, and be flexible when she needs to rearrange her time occasionaly.
  6. Give bonuses-Show how much you appreciate your live in nanny by giving her occasional bonuses. While she may especially appreicate money, she'll also enjoy movie tickets, a trip to the local spa, and gift certificates.

What are the advantages to hiring a live in nanny?

Advantages of Hiring a Live In Nanny

While families are often hesitant to hire a live in nanny, there are some distinct advantages of doing so. These include the following:

  1. A live in nanny can provide flexibility with working hours. If something unexpected occurs, a live in nanny can be there to pick up the slack.
  2. Live in nannies can provide a nurturing relationship that is based on the day to day interaction and care-giving that the child receives from the live in nanny.
  3. A live in nanny can help parents manage their home life more efficiently, providing support and assistance when needed.
  4. A live in nanny can provide round the clock care when a parent has to be away from the home for a day or more.
  5. Live in nannies will ease the exhaustion that midnight feedings can bring to new moms and dads.

What are the benefits of a live in nanny?

Benefits of a Live-in Nanny

There are many benefits from a live in nanny. With home child care you choose the person who will be influencing you child's development. There will be continual care in the comfort of your own home and individual stimulation and education for your child. With a live in nanny you can have occasional evening or weekend coverage. It means a lot less stress in your life and more quality time for yourself and your spouse. You will also experience the added peace of mind knowing that a trustworthy individual is caring for your child.

What is in home childcare?

In Home Childcare

In home childcare refers to the practice of hiring a live in nanny or live in babysitter to supervise and care for a child or children while the parents are away from the home, either at work or attending to other responsibilities. While an in home childcare giver may also be expected to do light housekeeping duties, her primary duty as a live in nanny is to care for the children, much like a parent. Live in nannies are responsible for enriching a child's home life by providing a loving and nurturing environment. In home childcare providers are typically given a room or set of rooms to ensure their own privacy. They are also given a set of guidelines and expectations that have been drawn up by the family with or without the help of an agency.

live in nanny, live in nannies, nanny agency, nannie agencies

Nanny Agencies

The choice to use a nanny agency in the search for a live in nanny is an extremely personal one. While some families would prefer finding a nanny by word of mouth, others feel more secure using a nanny agency. Why might you use a nanny agency? Consider the following:

  1. Nanny agencies are well-acquainted with state laws governing nanny/employer relationships.
  2. Nanny agencies will work with both the family and the live in nanny to establish an agreement which covers both parties' interests.
  3. Nanny agencies usually have a broad database of families and nannies who are looking for a live in nanny relationship.
  4. Nanny agencies can provide support to both the employing family and the nanny throughout the relationship.
  5. Nanny agencies typically do background checks and preliminary interviews before signing a nanny with an agency.

How do I find Boston live in nannies?

Live in Nannies in Boston

Searching for live in nannies in Boston doesn't have to be difficult. Look for a Boston nanny agency that focuses on the following points:

  1. The nanny agency should work hard to discover a family's live in nanny needs.
  2. The agency should interview the nanny to determine her experience, education, and child care philosophy before signing her as a Boston live in nanny.
  3. The nanny agency should work hard to create a good match between both the hiring family and the Boston nanny.
  4. The agency should continue to provide support and resources to the live in nannies and the hiring families.

How old should a live in nanny be?

Qualifications of a Live In Nanny

According to many nanny agencies, a live in nanny's salary is partially based on the age and the experience of that particular live in nanny. Most nanny agencies have specific age requirements for their nannies. Families who do not use a nanny agency to find a live in nanny, however, may choose to hire a nanny who is younger than twenty-one. Age, however, is just a number. There are certainly more important criteria to consider when searching for a live in nanny.

  • How well does the nanny interact with children?
  • What are the live in nanny's philosophies on discipline?
  • How much experience has she had?
  • What are her education credentials?
  • What medical training has she had?
  • How do you personally feel about the live in nanny?
These are the questions that a parent should be most concerned with. Once you are satisfied that your live in nanny is the right one for your family, age will not be an issue.

What should I put on my job contract?

Details on Contracts for Nannies

A live in nanny contract should address the following: work schedule, compensation, salary, holiday/vacation and sick day arrangements. Home child care duties should be very specific. Keep housekeeping chores realistic as well. A live in sitter should also have a written agreement regarding the living arrangements, curfew (touchy subject), phone bills, overnight guests, and privacy expectations (of both parties).

How do I choose between a day and live in nanny?

Day Nanny vs. Live-in Nanny

When deciding on in home child care you must think about what works for your situation and whether a live in nanny or a day nanny is best. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you interested in a child care arrangement that will allow you to work unexpected overtime? Do you need child care so that you and your partner can spend time together in the evening? If considering live in help, can you provide a room of her own? Before making choices, dig deep and get all the necessary nanny information.

Can I apply for a live in nanny position on the internet?

Nanny Positions on the Internet

An Internet live-in nanny application process generally goes like this: You fill out an online job application with a photo upload. You then download an employment and reference application. You have the opportunity to review families online and contact them personally if you are interested. At that point, you can make arrangements to meet. The family might do a nanny background check on you, but this is part of the process. Once a decision has been made you will meet the family that you will be providing home child care for and sign a contract.

What are the legal requirements for hiring a live in nanny?

Legal Requirements for Hiring a Live In Nanny

Before you begin the process of hiring a live in nanny, you need to understand all of the legal requirements surrounding her employment. These include the following:

  1. Work eligibility-You will need to verify her work eligibility by calling the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Make a copy of her work permit and any other papers to keep on hand.
  2. Employer identification number-You will need to obtain state and federal employer identification numbers before you can hire a live in nanny.
  3. Contact state employment agency-It is your responsibility as an employer to contact the state employment agency to notify them of a new employee.
  4. Payroll-You must pay payroll taxes on your live in nanny. This means that you must establish a system for paying state and/or federal income taxes, Social Security tax, and Medicare for a live in nanny.
  5. Keep organized records-You'll need to create a file that holds all of the records pertaining to the employment of a live in nanny, including employee ID numbers, the live in nanny's Social Security number, copies of her work permit if applicable, pay schedule, nanny/family agreement or contract, any applicable tax forms, dates of employment, and any other relevant material.

What are some rules I should give to my live in nanny?

Live In Nanny Rules

To avoid confusion for both the live in nanny and the employing family, there should be several rules that are drafted into an agreement between the two parties. When you are drafting these rules, however, it is always a good idea to sit down with the nanny and discuss each rule separately. Some sample topics on rules could include the following:

  1. Job responsibilities-What will the nanny's job description be regarding in home childcare and any housekeeping duties?
  2. Daily schedules-What will be the expected daily schedule of the nanny and the children?
  3. Meal time-How will menus be planned, and who will prepare the food for the children?
  4. Discipline-How should discipline be handled?
  5. Television-How much television are the children allowed to watch each day?
  6. Visitors-Will the live in nanny be allowed to have visitors?
  7. Time off-How much time off each week will the nanny be allowed to take?
  8. Other children-Will the live in nanny be expected to supervise other children who come to visit?

Do I need a drivers license to be a nanny?

Driving Ms. Nanny

Most families require that the live-in nanny be able to drive the children. Whether it is a to play date, the doctor's office or to preschool a nanny needs t be able to drive. It is a good idea that you obtain your have a driver's license before applying for a home child care position.

What about day care centers?

Day Care vs. Home Child Care

Both home child care and day care centers have good qualities. Choosing depends upon your specific priorities. Start by thinking about the financial and logistical requirements for your family. Also consider the needs of your child. Do you have a 9 to 5 job? What about daily commute to and from a day care center? Does your employer offer options for staying home with a sick child? A live in nanny allows for more freedom of personal time, while a day care center offers more social interaction and sometimes more developmental education for your child. Make sure you get all the necessary information regarding the choices before you make your decision.

Can I be a nanny for the summer?

Summer Nannies

Many families with elementary school aged children hire a summer live in nanny. The summer nanny job tends to be a cross between a day camp director, summer tutor, and big sister/brother. A summer home child care giver is generally responsible for organizing the children's activities, including pool, bike riding, crafts, library and more. The summer nanny often finds herself acting as a live in sitter in the evening as well so parents can spend time together.

live in nanny, live in nannies, live in baby sitter

Finding a Live In Nanny

You've discovered that you need a live in babysitter or nanny, and you don't know where to begin looking. You actually have several options.

  1. Begin your search for a live in nanny by talking with friends, relatives, and neighbors. Let them know that you are looking for a live in baby sitter to care for your children. They may know the perfect live in nanny for your family!
  2. Talk to the parents of children at day cares, play groups, and your church. Ask your pediatrician if he can recommend anyone.
  3. Talk with someone who already has a live in nanny. Chances are her nanny may know someone else who is searching for a family.
  4. Advertise in your local classifieds, church bulletin, community newsletter, and any other publication, including the Internet.
  5. Obtain a post office box and separate e-mail account set aside for potential live in nannies to respond to.
  6. Visit a local nanny agency, or search for an agency that represents live in nannies on the Internet.

How do I find a Colorado nanny?

Colorado Nanny

Families who want to hire a live in Colorado nanny should consider hiring through an online nanny service. These agencies represent live in nannies in the Colorado area and seek to match prospective families with live in nannies based on both the nanny's and the family's needs. A live in nanny agency creates a large database that includes families and nannies in the Colorado area.

How should I dress for a nanny interview?

Proper Dress for a Nanny Interview

Remember an interview for a live-in nanny should be treated with the same professionalism as an office job position. You should be dressed just as neatly as you would be for a day on the job. Panty hose and heels however are not required for a live-in sitter position, but a conservative top and slacks are appropriate. Since you will be doing home child care, wear something you would not be upset about if a baby burped on it or you can stay modestly covered if you get on the floor to play with toys during the interview with the family.

How old can I be before I become a nanny?

Coming of Nanny Age

A nanny must be at least 18 years old to accept a position as a live in nanny or live in sitter candidate. Many families will not accept anyone under 20. If you are younger, you might want to consider a year or two of work in a day care center, preschool, or similar environment to gain experience before applying for a home child care position..

How do I reassure my family when I take a position far away?

Distant Nanny Positions

This is a frequently overlooked concern when applying for a in live-in nanny job. When you visit the family in person, ask a friend or family member to accompany you. Have a family member check references on the prospective employers by contacting their previous home child care provider, former nannies, or live in sitter. Explain why you are calling and ask them questions. Would they consider having their daughter take it and so on. It is just foolish to consider moving miles away without at least having enough money for a few nights in a motel, just in case. Call it insurance and don't leave home without it!

How can I improve my chances of getting a good job?

Finding the Right Nanny Position

Download a nanny application form and get written letters of recommendation from previous employers, teachers, clergy, or a long time adult acquaintance. In the nanny application and on your resume, list all of your relevant skills. You especially want to highlight your home child care abilities. You should also obtain a copy of your driving record in anticipation of your first interview. If you plan on being a live in sitter you must have copies of your CPR and First Aid certificates. Be sure to respond to agencies and families quickly to exemplify your professional manner. Be organized and have your questions for the family prepared in advance.

If you smoke is that a problem?

Nannies Who Smoke

In this day and age, smoking is a concern for most families. When surveyed, 89% of families say that they would not hire a live in nanny who smokes. Many non-smoking households would consider a nanny who smokes if they agree to never smoke while on duty or in the presence of the children. Second hand smoke is not healthy for a home child care environment and families are within their rights to insist that their live in nanny comply to their wishes.

What are some myths or misunderstandings about live in nannies?

Live In Nanny Myths

Many families dismiss the idea of a live in sitter or live in nanny for several reasons. Most of these reasons are myths, however, such as the following:

  1. I can't afford a nanny. This may especially be untrue if you have more than one child who needs child care. You should consider how much money you spend each month on day care and compare that with a live in nanny's salary. If your nanny will do light housekeeping duties as well, you may find that you'll spend even less money, especially if you have someone clean your house periodically.
  2. My child will miss out on being with other children. Think about it this way. If you could be home with your child every day, would he really miss out on socializing. Probably not because you would arrange play dates, trips to the park, and other activities. Your live in sitter could do the exact same things with your child.
  3. If the relationship doesn't work, I'm stuck because of a contract. This simply isn't true. If you use a nanny agency, that agency should work to find a more suitable nanny for your home and a more suitable employer for the nanny.
  4. There's too much paperwork in hiring a live in nanny. If you aren't comfortable filling out some of the government forms or tax documents, then find a reputable agency to handle them.


Driving Ms. Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: If you do not drive, you might consider looking for nanny positions in large metro areas with public transportation. You may also receive a higher wage as a NY nanny than as a nanny in a more rural area.


Nanny Agencies

Nannies4Hire Tip: The main goal of a nanny agency is to create the perfect match between live in nannies and employers. They should clearly define the needs of the family and what the nanny's role will and will not entail.


Live in Nannies in Boston

Nannies4Hire Tip: If you are looking for a Boston nanny, visit Boston nanny agencies or you search potential candidates online. Take advantage of the fact that there are dozens of colleges around. You may be able to find a nanny with elementary education or child development training.

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