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Are Nanny Cams safe to use?

Nanny Cam Security Considerations

If you are considering using a nanny cam to observe your childcare provider, you may be putting your personal security at risk. Many wireless video cameras do not have security features that block third party users from tapping into the signal. This means that the images from your home could be tapped into by anyone who has a digital eavesdropping device. While it is illegal to eavesdrop using telephone technology, there are no such laws to prohibit stealing images. If you are purchasing a hidden surveillance camera, make sure to ask your electronics dealer about the security level of the camera and whether the signal can has encrypted transmission.

What happens if I need to fire my nanny?

Terminating a Nanny

It may be necessary to let go of you in-home childcare provider at some point during their tenure. If there is an incident of abuse, there should be no discussion and you should find replacement childcare immediately. However if there is a specific behavior or situation that is making you uncomfortable with the level of care your child is receiving, try to address that issue with your nanny or au pair if possible.

Misunderstandings and miscommunications occur about duties or household procedures. When the time comes to fire a nanny or childcare worker, you may have to follow the guidelines outlined in the contract that you established at the beginning of your professional relationship. If you hired a nanny through a nanny agency, you need to first contact them before discussing termination with your nanny. They may give you a replacement nanny until another permanent nanny can fill the position.

Should I notify my nanny that there is a Nanny Cam in the house?

Revealing the Presence of a Nanny Cam

When you use a nanny cam to observe the childcare environment in your home, it may be a good idea to let your childcare provider know. While some may argue that the element of surprise is important in “catching” a bad nanny, in most situations a nanny cam is simply a way for parents to check in on their children while they are away at work. Some childcare providers believe that using a nanny cam or similar device can foster a positive connection between parent and child throughout the workday. The knowledge of the presence of a camera may even keep your childcare provider in a more productive frame of mind throughout the day.

What are Nanny Cams?

Nanny Cam Basics

Nanny cams have been popularized by the media and proven effective in prosecuting abusive child abusers. There are many models of hidden surveillance devices on the market today. Most are wireless units that can be discretely placed in a common household item. The price range on nanny cams is from $100 for a unit that offers remote computer access to $500 for digital systems that send images to your computer or cell phone. Having a nanny cam gives many parents peace of mind and instills more confidence in childcare providers. It is legal in all 50 states to use nanny cams, however 15 states ban the use of recording sound without a person's consent.

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