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Should I let my part time nanny know if I'm not going to be able to keep her on after a certain period of time?

Respect for the Part Time Nanny Job

Finding a part time nanny that you and your family adore isn't always easy. Just think of all the people you've met in your lifetime and how many of those people you didn't particularly like. It doesn't mean your antisocial, it just means that not everyone's personality is a close match to yours.

So, when you find a part time nanny who really fits into the family, keep her! The easiest way to do that is by:

1) Being honest. Let her know right from the start that the job is only for a part time nanny.

2) If the job is for a part time nanny, and for a temporary time, let the nanny know. Don't try to fool the nanny into believing the position could turn into something full time and/or permanent. If you're not sure about that, be completely honest.

3) Let your part time nanny know that you appreciate her and what she does. Ask if she'll give you first consideration (assuming she hasn't already found a job) if you need to hire another part time nanny in the near future.

4) Keep in touch with your part time nanny even after you no longer need the position filled. Stalking isn't exactly the idea! However, sending a birthday card in the mail or a quick note to see what she's up to is a great way to keep the lines of communication open. You never know when you're going to need a part time nanny in a pinch and you really want to be able to contact the one you and your family really likes.

The last thing you want to do is end a part time nanny work term without so much as a “thank you”. After all, unless you can predict the future, you never know when you're going to need to rehire that part time nanny.

What can I do with myself after the children have moved out?

Finding a Job as a Mature Part time Nanny

As much as you enjoy your kids, there's a little part of you that can't wait Little Lulu to move out so you can turn her bedroom into that tattoo parlor you've always wanted to run. Then the big day comes. Little Lulu goes off to college, gets her own apartment, and moves on. Now that you're of a “certain age” that tattoo parlor doesn't seem like a great idea anymore. For the first year, you leave the bedroom exactly as Little Lulu left it, hoping that she might decide to quit college, move back home, and mooch off of you for the rest of her life.

Wait a minute! Go bang your head against a wall somewhere. What are you thinking? That's just the Empty Nest Syndrome talking. You need to find something useful to do with your time. Why not think about applying for a part time nanny job? You've oodles of experience (you did raise your own child didn't you?) and it would get you out of the house! Spend some time putting your resume together, post your profile on an online nanny placement agency, and cross your fingers. There are probably all kinds of families out there who could use a mature, responsible part time nanny just like you.

What should I consider before creating a part time nanny work agreement?

The Part Time Live In Nanny Contract

If you're considering hiring a part time nanny from another country, or even from another state, you should consider offering a live-in contract. That means you pay someone for part time nanny services, while providing shelter. Having a part time nanny is defined as someone who works less than 40 hours within your home. Having a part time nanny who works fewer hours but still resides under your roof raises a few questions you should consider. Before you get to work on developing a nanny work agreement or contract, work out some of these considerations beforehand:

1) How many hours will you need your part time nanny to work?

2) Are you looking for a nanny to help out part time through the day, or a night nanny who can help the kids with homework, straighten up the house, and tuck the kids into bed while you're out working a night shift?

3) What kind of part time nanny pay are you offering? Remember, part time nannies are usually paid a little more than the going rate because of less job security. However, that might not necessarily apply to a part time live in nanny. You could argue that the added benefits of living in house (free room and board, use of the family car, etc.) make up for the additional pay someone in a live out nanny job might get.

4) What are the house rules? Will you allow your nanny to have guests over during off-hours? What about food? Will the part time nanny be required to purchase her own food or will you provide that?

These are just a few decisions to be incorporated into the nanny work agreement and they all have an impact on what the part time nanny pay will be.

What's the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?

Part Time Nannies Versus Part Time Babysitters

The fourteen year old girl who comes by every Saturday night to watch your two kids while you go out to a movie should never be called a nanny. In fact, there's a big difference between a babysitter and a professional live out nanny job. Not sure of the difference? Have a look at this checklist:

1) A nanny is a professional with specific training in the field of early childhood education.

2) A nanny is responsible enough to manage the day-to-day activities of the household.

3) A nanny generally has specialized skills in childcare rearing and may have a child or children of her own (although that's not always the case).

4) A nanny works as a professional and expects to make a livable wage for what she does.

5) Part time nanny positions take on much more responsibility than babysitters, including using the family car to run errands, transport the kids to and from activities, and prepare meals for the family.

Think about it this way: a babysitter is usually someone still in school looking to earn some extra spending money. He or she may be the best babysitter you've ever had, but they certainly wouldn't call it their profession. Part time nannies are much more than babysitters, they're professionals in the field.

Do I need a part time nanny agreement?

Part Time Nanny Agreement

Just because your nanny is only going to be working for you on a part time or temporary basis, doesn't mean you should forgo a nanny agreement or contract. A nanny agreement will allow the employing family and the part time nanny to expressly state what they expect to gain from this business relationship. In some cases, set time limits for employment will be specified, such as in the case of a newborns care. In other cases, a part time nanny may be expected to work a few hours every day or so many hours every week after school. All of these important details, as well as salary amounts and benefits if applicable, should be addressed before the arrangement begins.

What are the duties of Dallas part time nannies?

Dallas Part time Nannies

A part time nanny in the Dallas area may have the same responsibilities as a full time or even live in nanny, but to a lesser degree. Families who search for a part time nanny in the Dallas area may require their nanny to do any number of duties. Duties may include the following:

  1. Helping with homework.
  2. Driving to play dates and extracurricular activities.
  3. Supervising visitors of the children.
  4. Fixing lunches, snacks, dinners, etc.
  5. Doing children's laundry.
  6. Teaching small educational lessons when applicable.
  7. Dressing, bathing, and feeding smaller children

What should I pay a part time nanny?

Salaries of Part Time Nannies

A part time nanny's salary can vary greatly depending upon the amount of hours she works and the additional duties which she may be responsible for. In general, part time nannies can make anywhere from $8 to $10 per hour to as much as $25 to $50 per hour. Families generally look at several issues before deciding upon a salary for a part time nanny.

  1. Competitive rates-What is the going rate for part time nannies in your area?
  2. Duties-Will your nanny be required to do household chores beyond the traditional child care?
  3. Hours-How many hours per day or week will the nanny work?
  4. Number of children-While you may not be expected to pay double for two children, you will definitely need to pay more than for the care of a single child.

What is part time nanny sharing?

Part Tme Nanny Sharing

Part time nanny sharing is a relatively new idea that is often overlooked. Part time nanny sharing occurs when two or more families are able to share a nanny in one of two ways:

  1. One way to participate in part time nanny sharing is to team up with another family to hire the same nanny. In this case, the nanny would work so many hours for one family, and then she would work so many hours for the other family.
  2. Another way for nanny sharing to work is by hiring a nanny who will watch the children of both families at one or another of the family's homes. Both families will be expected to pay the nanny's salary for either method.

How do I find another family interested in part time nanny sharing?

Setting Up Part Time Nanny Sharing

Part of the success of part time nanny sharing is finding another family willing to share a part time nanny. Part time nannies may really want to work full time, but since they are having difficulty finding full time work, nanny sharing is a viable option. Families looking for other families to share a part time nanny can do so in a variety of ways. They can let friends, neighbors, and relatives know that they are willing to share a part time nanny. They may also advertise in their local classifieds. Finally, they can sign on with a nanny service who may be able to match them with another family and a nanny who is willing to work out a part time nanny sharing arrangement.

What are some responsibilities of a part time Dallas nanny?

Dallas Nanny Responsibilities

A part time Dallas nanny may have any number of responsibilities. Before a family hires a part time nanny, they should create a list of duties and responsibilities and make these clear to the nanny. Duties may or may not include housekeeping, chauffeuring, cooking, and laundry. In many cases, a Dallas nanny who has a part time position may not be expected to do housework. For more specialized part time nanny work, a Dallas nanny may only be employed for a short period of time. For example, newborn nannies will only be employed by a family until the family of a newborn baby has gotten through the first few weeks after baby is born. After the mother has recovered from labor and delivery, the nanny's part time employment may end. Summer time nannies in Dallas may only work while school's out, and they must then search for a new position once school has started back.

Where do I find a part time ca nanny?

CA Nanny

It's no secret that CA nannies are in high demand, especially in the larger cities, and part time nannies are popular among families of children of all ages. CA part time nannies are often hired to work as summer nannies, after school nannies, newborn nannies, and half day nannies. These part time nanny positions are so popular that some nanny agencies cater to part time employment in the CA area. Nannies and families can be matched based on their specific needs and employment requests. In some cases, CA nannies only want temporary employment, so part time positions are perfect. For others, securing a part time nanny position will allow the CA nanny to gain valuable experience and the position may develop into a lucrative full time job as well.

How do I search for an Atlanta nanny for a part time position?

Searching for an Atlanta Nanny

Many Atlanta on-line nanny placement services allow families to sign up for free for minimum services. This makes searching for an Atlanta part time nanny a little easier. Families can conduct an initial search for a part time nanny and look at the available part time nannies in the Atlanta area. A nanny's personal information will be kept private, however, until that family has purchased a membership with the service. The free search will give families in the Atlanta area a better idea of the amount of part time nannies looking for work. Once a family has subscribed with a nanny agency, the contact between the family and a part time nanny can begin.

How can I find a position as a part time Atlanta?

Atlanta Nanny

Atlanta nannies searching for part time employment can use a variety of methods. Nannies can advertise in their local newspapers, inform friends, neighbors, and families that they are searching for part time jobs, or post ads in local pediatrician's offices. Part time Atlanta nannies can also use nanny placement services and on-line nanny agencies. Nannies can sign up for free at these services. They will fill out an application profile and participate in an initial interview. Their information will then be placed in a database which stores other Atlanta nanny information. Families can access this database as they search for a part time nanny.

Why should I use a nanny service for a part time nanny?

Using a Nanny Service for a Part Time Nanny

What are the benefits of using a nanny placement service to find a part time nanny? There may be more than you think. Although hiring a part time nanny may not seem as daunting as hiring a live in nanny, using a nanny agency or placement service can make your search a little easier. Most nanny agencies request potential nannies to fill out a profile which lists their education, experience, personal information, and requested type of employment. The information on a part time nanny is then placed in a database, and families can search the database using a filtering system which will narrow their search for part time nannies only.

Are background checks performed on part time nannies?

Background Checks on Part Time Nannies

When families use nanny placement agencies, they usually rely on the agency to perform a background check. Background checks are done at the expense of the employing family, and they can offer some piece of mind even for those families interested in hiring part time nannies. A background check will run a Social Security number trace, as well as a state criminal check, and a Department of Motor Vehicle search. While not every piece of information may be made available on the part time nanny in question, there should be enough information to get started. Therefore, background checks are just as important for a part time nanny as a full time nanny.

Is it okay to hold down more than one part time nanny job?

Keeping Up with the Part Time Nanny Jobs

If you're looking for a part time nanny job, it's important to take it as seriously as you would if you were applying for a full time job. Sometimes the connotations of a part time nanny job are that the family isn't serious about hiring or that the job might somehow not hold as many responsibilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. People have all kinds of reasons for hiring part time nannies, but they still require someone with a professional attitude, experience, and education.

If a part time nanny job is what you've got to start with, use the part time hours to your advantage. If you can afford to, take some continuing education courses during the hours when you're not working. The more skills and education you can add to your resume, the better your chances of eventually finding fulltime employment as a nanny.

On the other hand, if money is tight, consider working your schedule around two part time nanny jobs. As long as you can still be present and reliable for the family's who've hired you, there's nothing wrong with holding two jobs. Just don't let one job sap the quality and commitment out of another job. No matter how many part time nanny jobs you hold down, you're still responsible for giving 100% at each place

How will I know what's expected of me in my part time nanny role?

The Responsibilities of a Part Time Nanny Job

Whether you're a full or part time nanny, there are definite “no-no's” that should be observed. Obviously, things like smoking in front of the kids, watching inappropriate television, or listening to explicit music is a big fat no-no. But what about some of the less obvious stuff, like talking on the phone?

The best thing to do before starting your job as a full or part time nanny is to ask the parents what they consider acceptable. If there's a contract (and there should be!) read it carefully and ask questions. Some family's might not even think about the small details like whether or not you're allowed to make a snack for yourself or whether they expect you to bring your own food. Are you allowed to take the children out of the house to visit your own friends? What about having friends over? These are all things you should ask the people you're working for, especially if it's not already spelled out in the nanny contract.

Remember, just because you're working as a part time nanny doesn't mean you have any fewer responsibilities. It's important to have a good understanding of what's expected of you before accepting the part time nanny job.

If I decide to hire a part time nanny, what are the best hours of the day to have her work?

The Late Afternoon Part Time Nanny

After working a long day, the last thing you want to do is come home, make supper, clean up the dishes, clear the table, and sit down with your child to help him or her with hours of homework. It's tiring for families who work full time. Of course you want to help your kids! You want what's best for them, but the reality is you just can't do it all. That's one good reason to hire a part time nanny. Sometimes kids go to after-school programs where they complete their homework before the parents pick them up after work. There are some really good statistics to show why after school programs are such a positive experience for school aged kids (better grades, for example), but there are a lot of good reasons to hire a part time nanny to work in your home as well. For one thing, posting a part time nanny position allows you to bring someone into your home who cannot only help the kids with homework, but can also get supper started so that when you get home from work, you're day is truly done.

If your kids are in school all day, there's no need to have nanny child care in your home during those hours. Hire a part time nanny to show up for work about an hour before the kids come home from school. If they come home on the bus, the part time nanny can be there to greet them with a nutritious snack. If they need to be picked up from school, the nanny can do that as well! Now, instead of having to leave work everyday to pick up your kids from school, someone else can share that responsibility.

Should I match the personality type of the part time nanny to the personality type of my child?

Matching a Nanny to the Personality of Your Child

If you have an infant, the choice on who you hire will probably relate directly to the type of experience and education the nanny has. Hiring a part time nanny to help out with an infant is going to involve all of the usual infant-routine stuff like preparing formula, bathing baby, making sure the baby is safe in the crib, being attentive to any changes in the baby's behavior (sudden crying spells or sudden lethargy, for example), and stimulating the baby's senses by talking, singing, and holding the baby. In this situation a part time nanny needs to be someone you like, trust, and who has the right skills for the job.

When hiring a part time nanny to look after school aged kids, there's more the parents have to take into consideration. A part time nanny isn't going to breeze into the home and change your child's personality. At least not in your home! If your child is a quiet, shy, reserved kid who'd rather sit quietly and read or play a board game than hit the biking trail, you probably shouldn't hire a part time nanny who shows up for the interview in a cheerleading outfit with pompom's. A candidate who shows up for the interview with a chant like, “Let's scream (clap clap), Let's run (clap clap), Let's show ‘em how it's done (clap clap)” is probably not going to be a good fit for your reserved child. So, when you're hiring a part time nanny, keep in mind your child's personality, emotional, and physical needs.

What does a part time nanny do?

Understanding The Role Of A Part Time Nanny

There's sometimes a misconception that a part time nanny is a lot like a babysitter -- they're called in to work occasionally and only to watch the kids so that the parents can step out for a movie or a night on the town. The truth is, a part time nanny manages the same responsibilities as a full time nanny, she just does so in less time. To be considered a “part time nanny” she would have to work fewer than 40 hours per week. Just like her full time counterpart, she'd be responsible for a wide variety of things including (but not limited to):

  • Preparing and providing nutritious snacks or lunches
  • Possibly preparing or starting the evening meal for the family
  • Driving kids to events, soccer practice, etc.
  • Grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping

If you're thinking of offering someone a part time nanny job, take into consideration all of the roles and responsibilities you want her to have and ask yourself if those duties are doable in under 40 hours per week. If the workload is considerable, you might want to think about hiring full time instead. If you can't afford to hire a full time nanny, consider organizing a nanny share option with another family to help shoulder the costs.

Why would I need to hire a part time night nanny?

Nervous about hiring a night nanny to tend to your newborn infant? You might be at first, but after about two weeks of straight sleepless nights, the idea of a night nanny will start to look very good to you. Having a baby takes a lot of mental and physical stamina. Your body goes through tremendous stress during childbirth and delivery, and then it just escalates the minute you get home with the little bundle of joy. If this is your first baby and you're thinking, “How much work can a newborn possibly be?” think again.

Every peep and cry they make is your job to decipher. There are frequent feedings, diaper changes, formula preparation, wondering, worrying, speculating, discussing, and (if you have a baby that frequently hurls) lots of clothes changing (both yours and the baby's). Your laundry load increases and your ability to find time to yourself decreases. You will be tired. Make no mistake about it.

So, how does hiring a night nanny sound now? Uh huh. Get out the phone book, or better yet, log on to a nanny placement agency to see the latest profiles. A part time nanny, or night nanny, will allow you to get some sleep at night without worry. For parents who don't want to completely give up the time spent with the baby during nighttime feedings, hiring a nanny to work only a few nights per week would be the perfect solution! Who knows, as the baby grows and becomes a toddler, your night nanny might just grow with the family and become a more permanent fixture around your home.

Why do I have to pay my part time nanny more than a full time nanny would make per hour?

Understanding Part Time Nanny Pay

Don't be surprised if you've found the perfect part time nanny only to find out she charges about two dollars more per hour than the full time nanny who works down the street. It's important to remember that a part time nanny is a professional with specialized skills and experience. She probably has a university or college diploma, first aid safety training, understands child psychology and behavior, and can manage a household with her eyes closed. In other words, the part time nanny is much more than a babysitter.

Part time nanny pay is based on the reality that she'll be managing the same level of responsibility for your kids and household but for fewer hours. In order to make a livable wage, she has every right to charge a little bit more than the average full time nanny wage. Now, that same logic might not apply to a part time live-in nanny who might have other benefits like use of a car, meals included in the package, etc.

As far as what to actually pay the nanny, it really depends on your area. Local job or nanny placement agencies in your area might be able to tell you what an average part time nanny pay should be. You could also ask other families in your area who hire part time nannies to see what they pay. Ultimately, expect to pay a little bit more per hour for a part time nanny.

Is it my responsibility to work around my nanny's other part time job?

Honoring The Work Hours Of A Part Time Nanny

Just because you've hired a part time nanny doesn't mean that she's sitting around doing nothing during the hours when she's not working for you. As a professional, looking to earn a full time wage, your nanny may have found additional employment somewhere else to help supplement her hours. Because of that, it's unfair to expect your nanny to work erratic shifts, or to make last-minute changes to her current work schedule.

Once you find a part time nanny, ask her to be open with you about any other work obligations she has. You don't have to know where she works, or what her job duties are at her other job, but it's important to be able to openly communicate about the days and hours that she'll be able to work for you. Once you've negotiated a nanny work agreement and have both signed it, it's up to you as the employer to stay true to the schedule, and it's your nanny's responsibility to honor her work commitment.

If you value the part time nanny services your nanny provides, you might even decide to offer more hours -- or even a full time job -- to keep her!

What are some kinks to consider with nanny shares?

Working Out The Kinks Of Nanny Shares

While nanny share situations can be a lifesaver for families who can only offer part time nanny pay, it can get tricky sometimes. It's easy to overlook all of the little things that could, and probably will happen. For example, what happens when little Johnny suddenly develops croup? What about little Annie who is suddenly stricken with strep throat? You have to decide whether you'll have back up part time nanny care for these situations, or if you'll feel comfortable letting your kids continue to play and come in contact with certain viruses. If the nanny is careful to disinfect toys every day and is able to minimize the risks of infection, you might be okay with the situation. Think about it this way, if your children were in public daycare, how often would they be exposed to everyday childhood viruses? A nanny can do a lot to help prevent unnecessary illness in your children, just remember that she's not a super-hero virus buster!

Another thing to take into consideration is the age of the children involved. It's not fair to try and arrange a nanny share agreement with a part time nanny when there are children of vastly different ages and life stages. The best situation for everyone involved, including the kids, is to arrange a nanny share agreement with kids of similar ages. That way they can play together, learn together, grow together and hopefully nap together.

Why would I consider a nanny share agreement?

Making The Most Of A Nanny Share Agreement

Instead of trying to find a nanny who matches the personality and skill base as your neighbor's nanny, consider doing a nanny share. By pooling your resources, you might be able to work out an arrangement where the part time nanny earns full time nanny pay. How? Both sets of parents pay a part time nanny job salary. Two pay checks equates to full time pay for the lucky nanny. Working out a nanny share agreement can benefit everyone, including the kids. Some benefits of a nanny share agreement include:

1) The kids get a chance of scenery, especially if the parents take turns sharing homes for childcare.

2) The nanny benefits from the added income while still technically working a part time nanny job.

3) The nanny share agreement doesn't compromise the nanny's desire to work part time, leaving her free to take up additional employment elsewhere.

Of course, you should have a good working relationship with the other family in order to negotiate a part time nanny work agreement that actually works. You'll need to discuss how you want to handle sick pay, vacation leave, benefits, and a definition of the work term. Both families should sign an agreement stating that they'll take responsibility for covering their share of the nanny pay for the duration of the work agreement, unless there are extenuating circumstances. If planned properly, a nanny share situation can work out really well for families.

What's a night nanny and why do I need one?

A Nod To Night Nannies

You know you're sleep deprived after the birth of your newborn when you walk down the hall cradling a pillow in your arms while your bundle of joy cries in the nursery. There's a great deal of emotion and anxiety tied into those sleepless nights, especially if this is your first baby. Of course you want to be a good parent! Unfortunately, your desire to be a good parent prevents you from getting a good night's sleep. Never mind the frequent night feedings, it's every little burp and gurgle that keeps you awake. If you're at the point where your baby monitor is picking up the voices of other parents in the neighborhood, but you think the monitor is actually talking to you, it's time to consider hiring a night nanny!

A night nanny is someone who stays at your home during the nights and into the wee hours of the morning, providing back-up part time nanny care. Generally, a night nanny is someone specially trained to work with newborns. She may have a nursing background, but it isn't a necessity. All you need is the peace of mind in knowing that your baby is being cared for so that you can sleep peacefully through the night. After all, you want to be known as a loving parent, not a hallucinating one!

Do I really need a part time nanny?

Determining Your Nanny Needs

Let's cut to the chase and say you've already made the decision that something in your life has to change. There's no way you can continue to work a full time job (sometimes it seems like more than a full time job), maintain the household, manage the kids, and keep your sanity. You've thought about sending the kids to daycare and hiring a housekeeper, but your friends had a better idea…a part time nanny!

If you're looking to hire someone to work less than 40 hours per week in your home, a part time nanny might be the perfect option. It will save you the time and travel expense of carting your kids all over town to babysitters, and part time nannies usually do some light work around the house like making snacks, doing laundry and dishes.

Okay, so even though you thought you made the final decision to hire a part time nanny, something might still be nagging at you. Doubts? Guilt? Financial reasons? Let it go! First of all, nobody is going to judge you negatively for hiring a part time nanny. Second, don't feel guilty about getting the help you deserve. When you feel better and more in control of your situation, you'll be a better parent. Third, look at your income tax options to see what you can claim for childcare expenses. What's your excuse now? Get out there and hire a part time nanny.

Where can I find a part time nanny?

Where To Find A Part Time Nanny

Are you looking for someone to help out around the house, someone who can watch the kids and take care of some light housekeeping while you run errands? Maybe you hold down a part-time job and just need someone to come in for a few hours a week. Whatever your reason for wanting to hire a part time nanny, you're going to first want to know where to find one!

The first place (and maybe the only place) you should look is with an online nanny placement agency. You don't even have to pay any money to browse the profiles. You'll notice lots of people looking for part time nanny jobs, and if you happen to spot someone you'd like to contact, just register with the site (usually there's a fee if you want to actually contact someone) and you'll have access to the applicant's email address.

Just do an Internet search and you'll discover a wealth of websites dedicated to placing part-time nanny positions. When you're using the search fields of an online nanny placement agency, don't narrow your options too closely. Instead of only searching for someone who has indicated they want to work part-time, open up the search field to include as many people as possible. If there's someone you're interested in hiring, or at least meeting for an interview, she may just be agreeable to working part time even though her profile says full time. It never hurts to ask!

How can part time nanny sharing work?

Part Time Nanny Sharing Essentials

Part time nanny sharing is an innovative concept that will only work if all parties are flexible and willing to work together. For a part time nanny sharing arrangement to work, the following must be considered:

  1. Both families must decide what the part time nanny's duties will be.
  2. Families must decide how they would like to share the part time nanny.
  3. Families must be clear about their expectations regarding the nanny's duties.
  4. If a part time nanny is going to be watching all the children at one time, will only one house be the site of the child care service, or will the nanny take turns keeping all of the children at each house?
  5. How will the nanny be paid? Will she be paid by alternating families each week, or will she be paid by both families each time?
  6. What are the discipline philosophies of each family, and how will any differences in these philosophies be handled when all of the children are under the nanny's care?

What do I need to know about hiring a CA part time nanny?

Hiring a CA Part Time Nanny

There are several issues that need to be addressed by families wanting to hire a CA part time nanny. These include the following:

  1. How many hours will the part time nanny work? If she will be working at least thirty hours a week, you might want to consider hiring her full time and giving her additional benefits if possible. If she is working twenty hours or less, be sure you and the nanny can agree on a flexible schedule that will work well for both of you.
  2. Benefits-Many families do not pay additional benefits for part time nannies. If this is the case, be sure this is addressed in a nanny contract.
  3. Salary-Part time nannies in CA and across the country typically make less than full time nannies based on hourly pay. You and your nanny should discuss salary before any contract or agreement is signed.
  4. Hours-A part time nanny may actually have another job to go to. Be sure your hours and those of your nanny will be compatible.


Part Tme Nanny Sharing

Nannies4Hire Tip: Part time nanny sharing will allow a nanny to work full time or almost full time, while two families split her salary and share her nanny services. This will allow two families to enjoy the services of a qualified nanny who might otherwise only work as a live in nanny.


Dallas Nanny Responsibilities

Nannies4Hire Tip: An employing family and a part time nanny should reach an agreement on the definition of part time work and specific duties before signing a contract or entering into an agreement.


CA Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: California is has the highest population of any state and also one of the highest demands for nannies. A California nanny may find success in searching for a part time job by signing up with an online nanny placement site to reach as many potential families as possible.


Atlanta Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: An Atlanta nanny can search for a part time nanny position by advertising in a local newspaper or signing with a nanny placement agency.

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