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What are the benefits of sharing a nanny?

Sharing Nanny Services

If you're looking for a specialty nanny service, or specialty nanny service agencies, you're in luck. These days, you can find nanny placement agencies that connect families looking to share a nanny. Let's face it, not everyone can afford to support a full time nanny job. But that doesn't mean they couldn't benefit from a good nanny service. So, by posting your profile online with one of these specialty nanny share placement agencies, you'll be able to hire a nanny at about half the cost.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a nanny share situation on your own. Maybe you know someone who has a nanny that might consider sharing resources. If not, going to an online nanny share placement agency is the next best thing. They'll do the legwork and match you up with other parents in your area.

Just remember one thing: these nanny services are really meant to do one thing; put families in contact with one another for the purpose of nanny sharing. Don't assume they're working behind the scenes doing complex nanny background checks. That's always up to you to initiate. The company might do the background checks for you, but there's usually an additional fee for that.

Like anything, a nanny share situation has its pros and cons. Ultimately, you'll be able to benefit from nanny services at half the cost, but you'll also have to be okay with bringing your children to another home, or having someone else's children share your home.

How can I use a nanny placement service to find a nanny job?

Using a Nanny Service to Find a Nanny Job

Nanny placement services look after the interests of the nanny in addition to the employing family. While a family will be responsible for paying any retaining fees and subsequent fees upon a match, the nanny can usually sign up with a nanny placement service for free. Most services require nannies to be at least eighteen years old. Some nanny placement services also require a set amount of experience and/or education or training. Nannies are typically expected to fill out a detailed application, and a background check may be conducted as well. Once a nanny placement service as accepted the application of a nanny, the service will enter the nanny's profile into a database that may be searched by employing families. Families will then typically contact the nanny to set up an interview, but the nanny placement service should continue to provide support throughout the process.

Can I hire a nanny for just nighttime?

Nighttime Nannies

Any nanny job search on the web will bring about nanny information regarding the care of newborns during the night. Nannies will be CPR certified, tested for TB with negative results, undergo an extensive criminal background, have a drivers license and complete a social security trace. Nanny agencies will make sure all nannies have taken training in basic infant care and multiples care and have a minimum of 2 years experience. Night time nannies are perfect for new parents who need to catch up on sleep.

What are the fees usually charged by a nanny service?

Nanny Service Fees

While a nanny may be able to register with a nanny service for free, the employing family will be expected to spend some money. The initial fee is typically non-refundable and could be anywhere from fifty dollars to $150 depending upon the services and experience of the nanny placement service. Once a nanny and employer have been matched and the nanny has been hired, the employer will then be expected to pay a placement fee. Fees are usually calculated at an estimated twelve percent of the nanny's annual salary. Averages fees can range anywhere from $1500 to $5000.

What are the responsibilities of a nanny service?

Responsiblities of a Nanny Service

Although the duties and practices of a nanny service may differ in some policies, a nanny service usually involves the following:

  1. Collecting a fee-In most cases, this fee is non-refundable whether a successful placement of a nanny has occurred or not.
  2. Conduct interviews-Interviews are conducted to build profiles on the employing families and the nannies.
  3. Advertise and recruit-It is the responsibility of the nanny service to advertise and recruit to expand their available nanny database.
  4. Screen nanny candidates-This may involve interviews, background checks, and reference checks as well.
  5. Referrals-Nanny services should make the initial referral of a nanny to an employing family after the interviews and background checks have been made.
  6. Feedback-A nanny service will usually want feedback from the family regarding the first interview session with the nanny.
  7. Collect fee-The money that will be charged for the completion of a match is usually collected after the nanny begins the job.
  8. Check-ups-A nanny service should check back periodically with both the family and the nanny in regards to the working relationship.

Why should I use an on-line nanny service?

On-line Nanny Services

As a nanny, you may feel apprehensive as you approach the process of searching for an employing family. After all, once you are hired, you will become an essential member of the family, taking care of their most prized possessions...their children. While families may use nanny services to search for the perfect nanny, nannies also use these services to seek their best employment environment. On-line nanny services offer nannies a less intimidating way to search for their preferred job. Most nanny placement services offer free membership to nannies. These services include screening of nannies and families, developing profiles, and conducting initial interviews. A nanny will then have a chance to choose the families she is most interested in meeting before any more interviews are conducted, eliminating unnecessary meetings between incompatible parties.

What issues do nanny services address?

Nanny Services

Nanny services typically address several important issues that protect the interests of both the nanny and the employing family. In many cases, a nanny service works much like the classified ads section of a newspaper. A nanny is essentially advertising her services, and families can peruse the nanny service database in the search for the perfect nanny. When using a nanny service, consider the following points:

  1. Salary-Expect to pay a competitive salary with bonuses and even benefits.
  2. Experience-In many cases, families prefer experience over education, although a combination of both is usually preferred.
  3. Responsibilities-It is very important that the expected responsibilities of a nanny's service are expressly outlined in the initial interview and later in the nanny contract.
  4. Living arrangements-The living arrangements of a live in nanny's services must be addressed as well.
  5. Number of children-A nanny's salary will also be contingent upon the number of children in her charge.

What are good reasons for hiring a night nanny?

Night Nannies Role

There are many reasons for doing a nanny job search for an overnight nanny. The best reason is to be sure that the Mom and Dad can get the rest they need so they can adequately care for the infant. Once this happens, the infant or infants can be made a priority with quality parenting. A nanny helps stop parental sleep deprivation. Another reason to obtain nanny services is because the absence of extended family has put more demands on parents. By doing a nanny search and hiring a overnight nanny, it offers parents the support they need in those crucial first months.

What information about the family is in an online advertisement?

Online Advertising for Nannies

If you are going to post a "nanny wanted" ad online, you may want to think about protecting your privacy as much as possible. You will want to provide enough information about the job and your family without posting too much. Consider the following - use first names only in the family name field - John and Mary for example. Telephone numbers: use a cell phone number. Email address - leave blank if you prefer. Ages and sexes of the children but do not their names. Most nanny services list your city and state but seldom publish street addresses. A nanny search will NOT bring up any private billing information.

Is there a difference between a baby nurse and a night nanny?

Baby Nurses vs. Night Nannies

Both positions offer care directly following the birth of an infant and both positions offer extensive knowledge with basic infant care, and postpartum care. The main difference is that night nanny services work a specific overnight shift and then go home in the morning. A baby nurse will typically provide temporary live in care around the clock and can be called upon for support anytime during the day.

Is it okay to schedule outdoor field trips as part of the overal nanny responsibilities?

Nature Trails and Nanny Responsibilities

When you're doling out nanny responsibilities, think beyond the walls of your home. Nanny training usually involves so much more than teaching people how to exercise the eyes in the back of their head. Yes, it's true, you really do have to have eyes in the back of your head in order to keep on top of what the kids are doing. Making sure they're not getting hurt or into trouble are important nanny responsibilities. However, what about the other stuff involved in nanny training?

Nanny responsibilities should bring out the natural joy in children, their creativity, their wonder, their sense of awe in the world, and their natural fascination with nature. Allowing the nanny to use the family car will open up a world of possibilities for your kids. Schedule field trips that the nanny can take the kids on. Places like the zoo, the museum, amusements parks, natural trail walks, etc, are all things that kids soak up like a sponge. As long as the nanny has a valid driver's license, knows how to properly buckle the kids into their car seats, and has some basic safety training, there's really no reason not to include these types of field trips into the nanny responsibilities.

How can I find out more about the nanny's education?

Honing in on the Nanny's Education

When you're going through resumes for a full time nanny job keep your eyes peeled for specialty courses like Music and Movement, or Positive Child Guidance. If you're not sure what certain courses are, or what the nanny may have learned from them, visit the website where the nanny claims to have graduated. The website will give at least a short course description. You might be pleasantly surprised to see what these courses are all about. They might not sound overly impressive on paper, but when you see the amount of theory and practicality that goes into the nanny's training, you'll be amazed.

Nanny services should be able to give you an idea of who the nanny is, what her skills are, where her experience comes from, etc. It's up to you to make the call to contact the nanny and dig deeper. If you've gotten to the stage where her resume is in your hand and you're interested in interviewing her, don't be afraid to take the conversation to her education. Ask about the courses she's taken, what they mean to her, and how they will impact her full time nanny job. Ask her for examples of how a certain course she's taken can be directly applied to your children and her day to day nanny responsibilities.

Courses and programs on early childhood care usually focus on the mental, emotional, and physical development of children. If the nanny you're interviewing can articulate how she'll be able to incorporate what she's learned into her nanny responsibilities, you've got yourself a great nanny!

Is it okay to ask the nanny to come back and babysit in the evenings once in a while?

The Unrealistic Expectation of 24/7 Nanny Services

Once you've hired someone for a full time nanny job, it's important to remember that it's a job, not a 24/7 on-call nanny service. Depending on the relationship you have with your nanny, and whether she's a live in nanny or a live out nanny, you may be able to negotiate occasional babysitting services. However, you've got to respect the fact that your nanny has a life outside of your home. The kids may be attached to the nanny and insist on having her come in for the two or three hours of babysitting time you need. It doesn't hurt to ask the nanny if she's willing to do that, but be prepared to pay her what she's worth.

Hiring a teenager to come into your home for a few hours is not the same as asking a professional nanny to stop by so that you can go out on the town. Generally, the teenager is there to watch satellite TV, make sure the house doesn't burn down, and tuck the kids into bed at the appropriate time. She might gab on the phone for a while, eat the chips and dip you left for her, and watch the clock until you finally come home. Someone with professional nanny training, however, might actually keep busy. She may tidy up a bit, read the kids a book, bath them before bed, feed them a light nutritious snack, and then relax on the sofa with a good book until you get home. Either option works. The point is, just don't expect that your nanny will be able and willing to drop by whenever you need a babysitter.

Will my new nanny be able to give me some advice on better parenting skills?

She's a Nanny, Not a Miracle Worker

If you watch a lot of television, you've probably seen the nanny reality shows where a costumed nanny shows up with a cape, a down-to-earth no-nonsense attitude, and a plan to whip (figuratively speaking, of course) your family into shape. Unless there's a television crew waiting outside, don't expect the nanny to be able to work miracles on your parenting habits. In fact, nanny service agencies are there to match professional nannies with families. That's it! Nanny services don't make any claims that they're going to send someone to your house who can switch up the rules, show you how to get the kids to bed at a decent hour, or show you how to enforce rules of the house.

A full time nanny job should be able to provide your home with some much-needed support. The nanny will go into your home with the main focus being on the safety and well-being of your children. Yes, you can negotiate some “extras” like light housekeeping as part of the nanny responsibilities, but ultimately, the nanny is in your home to keep watch over your children.

If the nanny service has done their job well, they're going to match you up with a nanny who has similar beliefs and expectations on child rearing.


Nanny Services

Nannies4Hire Tip: When matching a nanny with a family, nanny services will typically cover issues such as duties and responsibilities, number of children, salary, living arrangements, experience and education, and benefits.


Illinois Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: Illinois nannies may register with nanny services. These services will seek to match nannies with potential families after conducting a screening process, initial interview, and background check. While many families seeking an Illinois nanny will likely be in the Chicago area, nanny services should cover any area.

What nanny service's training is available?

Nanny Service Training

Many nanny services offer training and educational programs to their nannies. Some nanny services also encourage their nannies to become certified by taking and passing an intensive competency exam, which measures their knowledge of child care. Nanny service training programs typically cover topics, such as newborn care, after school care, summer activities, emergency medical care, and discipline and behavior management techniques. Nanny services may encourage their nannies to take the nanny competency exam, which will enhance their profile and employment portfolio, making them more desirable candidates for potential employers. Nanny services may also offer more intensive CPR and first aid training in which a nanny can become certified in emergency management.

How do I hire a nanny?

Hiring a Nanny

Using a nanny placement service to hire a nanny will eliminate some of the preliminary work that an employing family may have to go through. Nanny services will do the initial screening process, conduct background checks, and complete the initial interview. Once an employing family contacts a nanny service, it is up to the family to begin searching through the service's database, seeking desirable candidates for the job. Families will also need to contact the nanny, usually by phone or e-mail, and set up an interview time. It is a good idea to draw up an interview list before the actual interview, and it is generally suggested to plan on conducting a second interview before making a permanent decision. Nanny services should support both the family and the nanny throughout the entire process. Although nannies can typically register with a nanny service for free, families usually must pay a fee. Be sure you know what services and help you will be receiving before paying a nanny placement service.

What are nanny placement services?

Nanny Placement Services

Nanny placement services work to match nannies with families. They typically represent both parties, developing profiles and establishing and maintaining current databases. Nanny placement services are frequently used by families searching for a nanny. The family is able to post a confidential profile which omits their last name and address, but gives the employing family the option of displaying their phone number. In the same manner, nannies may also use a nanny placement service to search for employment by also posting a profile after they have completed an initial interview with the nanny placement service.

What is the national average for nanny services?

Nanny Service Salaries

While of course a nanny's salary will vary from one area of the country to another, an employing family will be expected to pay somewhere close to the national average for a nanny's services. The biggest factor in determining the a nanny's salary depends upon the services that she will be expected to provide. Live in nannies will usually average around $400 to $600 per week, working 40 to 50 hours. A live out nanny's services will generally run $500 to $700 per week for 40 to 50 hours. Overtime pay for nanny services will depend upon the amount of hours and the duties involved in overtime care. For those nannies who are expected to do housekeeping chores beyond the specific care of the children, employing families should expect to compensate at an even larger salary.

What services will an Illinois nanny placement service provide?

Illinois Nanny

Families searching for an Illinois nanny often turn to a nanny placement service. Nanny placement services can offer help to Illinois families in a variety of ways, including the following:

  1. Background checks-Nanny placement services typically do background checks on potential Illinois nanny candidates.
  2. References-Placement services will check the references of Illinois nannies, including both personal and employment references.
  3. Screening service-Illinois nannies are typically screened before they are placed on the available nanny list.
  4. Interviews-Although it will ultimately be the employing family's duty to interview Illinois nanny candidates, a placement service will conduct initial interviews in order to build a profile of the nanny.

Where can I find Georgia nanny services?

Georgia Nanny

Families searching for Georgia nanny services can use a variety of methods to help them in their search. There are several nanny service agencies, which seek to match families and nannies in the Georgia area. These services may offer on-line databases that maintain up-to-date databases, which can be searched. Profiles of nannies in the Georgia area are featured, and families can often use filtered searches to narrow their choices before selecting a nanny to interview. Families may also be able to find a Georgia nanny by advertising in the classified section of their local newspaper and by searching the daily want ads.

How do I choose a nanny service?

Choosing a Nanny Service

With the influx of on-line nanny services, as well as the wide range of nanny services available all over the country, choosing a nanny service can be a daunting task. Just as you will need to interview your nanny before hiring her, you should also interview a nanny service before signing with them. The following questions will get you started.

  1. How long has your company been in the nanny placement service?
  2. What is your ratio of nanny/family placement per month?
  3. What is the success rate of your company?
  4. What fees are involved in using your nanny service?
  5. What is your refund policy?
  6. How do you recruit for your company?
  7. What training do you offer?
  8. What type of follow-up support program do you have?
  9. How do you check nanny references?
  10. Do you do background checks?
  11. Can I talk to some references about your company?
  12. Is your company licensed, and does it hold any professional memberships?

What type of employment services can be used to search for a Houston nanny?

Houston Nanny

Nanny placement services in the Houston, Texas area feature a variety of options. Families who seek to employ a Houston nanny often turn to these employment services for help. While employers can register with state employment agencies, as well as privately run agencies, in most cases the best help for hiring a Houston nanny will come in the form of a nanny placement service or nanny agency. These agencies specialize in nanny services, and agencies in the Houston area will typically feature a large list of available nannies, both live in and live out. Families may visit their local nanny service and fill out a detailed profile, including information on what they desire in a Houston nanny. Nannies may also register with the nanny service, detailing their desired employment environment. In this manner, a Houston nanny can be matched with an employing family, and the nanny service will seek to look out for the interests of both parties.

How can I make sure the nanny services availabe at my vacation destination are reputable?

Vacation Resorts with Nanny Services

There are two different kinds of resorts: the ones that are family friends, and the ones that are adult-only. A lot of families try to incorporate everything for everyone in the one or two week vacations they take every year. For the parents, a five star resort is the ideal situation. Being able to bring the kids is even better when nanny services are available. These types of programs are being offered at more and more resorts, providing specialized childcare depending on the age of the child. But how do you know that your children are going to be safe? Of course the pamphlets and brochures show over-the-top happy children who've probably had a bit too much coconut juice. Staff is depicted as young, hip, perfectly groomed individuals who appear extremely attentive to the children in the photographs.

Everyone knows that brochures are meant to sell you on something. So how much of that perfect nanny service is true? How do you know you're not going to arrive at the resort to find that the only nanny services available are provided by two guys who look like Pee Wee Herman on crack?

There are a couple of ways to do some research before booking for your family resort vacation. The first thing you should do is ask your travel agent about the nanny services available at resorts. It's their job to be able to provide accurate, valuable information like this. Blogs, resort review sites, or actual guest reviews of certain resorts, will give you an idea of what you're getting into as well.

Finally, if you're trying to check out the nanny services available at resorts, call the resort and ask what qualifications their nannies must have in order to work for them.

Should I quit my job and go back to school full time if I want to become a nanny?

Starting Over with a Full Time Nanny Job

In order to get a full-time nanny job, you really should have some solid skills behind you. Going back to school is one way to make sure you get the skills you need to be a great nanny. Don't worry if you can't go back to school full-time. Maybe you're already working somewhere and you're just looking for a career change. If that's the case, and you can't attend school during the day, have a look around at local colleges and universities. In the spirit of lifelong learning, academia recognizes that students come from all walks of life, financial backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, etc. The reality is that not everyone can just up and quit a job to go back to school. Check out the websites of nearby universities to see what kinds of online courses, evening courses, or weekend workshops are available.

The best courses to take are the ones that will give you instantly credibility to work a full time nanny job. First Aid/CPR, child psychology, managing child behavior, etc, are good choices to start with. If you really want to get out there and work as a nanny, consider specializing in areas where parents may find it a little harder to find a nanny, like working with special needs children. First things first though…start taking some courses.


Houston Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: Families searching for a Houston nanny often turn to nanny placement services. These services typically maintain a current database of nannies, which the employing families can access on a daily basis.


Georgia Nanny

Nannies4Hire Tip: Families may be able to narrow their search for a Georgia nanny by using a local or online nanny placement service. Some sites allow users to search by zip code or city.

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