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How can I join the International Nanny Association?

Membership in the International Nanny Association

The International Nanny Association is open to all of those of those people involved in child care within the home. Members include nanny agencies, nannies, educators, employers, and anyone else who is involved in the support or promotion of nanny services. The International Nanny Association offers a variety of categories for memberships, including the following:

  1. Individual Membership-This membership is open to an individual nanny or family.
  2. Standard-This membership is similar to the individual membership but also includes the Annual Directory of Nanny Training Programs, as well as a listing in this manual.
  3. Supporting-This membership includes all of the above, and in addition, allows up to three copies of the directory and up to two names listed in the directory.
In order to gain membership into the International Nanny Association, you should choose which membership is most applicable to your situation, fill out the on-line form, and submit payment.

What is the nanny credential exam?

Nanny Credential Exam

The International Nanny Association created the nanny credential exam to measure a nanny's knowledge in the child care field. The exam is a timed ninety minute test. The International Nanny Association recommends that anyone who takes the test has a minimum of 200 hours in child care experience. It is also recommended that a nanny have up-to-date first aid certification. The test covers the following issues:

  1. Child growth and development
  2. Family and nanny communication issues
  3. Child guidance
  4. Diversity training and awareness
  5. Learning techniques
  6. Personal qualities
  7. Safety issues
  8. Management and organizational skills
  9. Health and nutrition
  10. Professionalism

What are the International Nanny Association's recommended practices for nanny placement?

Recommended Practices for Nanny Placement Agencies

The International Nanny Association has issued a recommendation of practices for nanny placement agencies. These nanny placement practices include the following:

  1. Potential employing families should be told how the initial interview with the nanny by the placement agency was handled.
  2. The agency should verify both personal and employment references and disclose this information to the family interested in hiring the nanny.
  3. The International Nanny Association believes that a written agreement or contract should be issued between the nanny agency and the family, and each party should be given a copy of the signed agreement.
  4. Conditions for time limits, refunds, and replacement issues should be clearly stated within the agreement or contract.
  5. The nanny agency should give the nanny as much information as possible about the family.
  6. The agency should aid the nanny in drafting a contract for herself and the family.
  7. The nanny should receive a summary of all expenses and fees related to her affiliation with the nanny agency.
  8. The agency should comply with any applicable laws regarding the transaction and agreement of nanny services.

What is an English nanny?

English Nanny

An English nanny is sometimes referred to as a Governess. Her primary responsibilities are to care for a child or children, and she is typically a live-in employee. English nannies do not have to have formal training, but there are school available which train professional nannies. Families who hire English nannies that have graduated with a professional certificate typically enter into a contract with the nanny that includes health insurance, tax benefits, and paid vacations. Many of these schools are affiliated with the American Council of Nanny Schools and the International Nanny Association.

What are some of the affiliations available for nannies?

Affiliations Available For Nannies

The first affiliation that always comes to mind is the INA which stands for International Nanny Association. Others are Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies and Nannies as Parenting Partners. Most national nanny services are associated with one of these or perhaps even the Better Business Bureau. You might check out your local Chamber of Commerce for other listings. There are also informal nanny support groups available online through services such as Yahoo Groups. These informal groups create support between nannies and allow them to talk about the highs and lows of their positions to other understanding nannies.

What is an INA?

International Nanny Association

The International Nanny Association started in 1985. The INA is a non-profit, educational association for nannies, nanny employers, nanny placement agency owners, nanny educators, and providers of special services related to the nanny profession. Among national nanny services it is know to commit to professional excellence.

What should I know about hiring an Asian nanny?

Hiring an Asian Nanny

Many families choose to hire an international nanny to take care of their children, and Asian nannies are popular choices. While this option is certainly available, there are some guidelines that must followed before you can hire an Asian nanny.

  1. Your Asian nanny must apply for a visa before traveling to another country.
  2. You should contact the International Nanny Association for questions regarding the Asian nanny's legal right to work for you.
  3. The International Nanny Association has created a nanny exam which, if passed, will give an Asian nanny more credibility as a child care worker.
  4. You should access the U.S. Department of Labor's Website for guidelines regarding the hiring of an Asian nanny.
  5. You should also inquire as to whether the nanny is able to speak any English if communication skills are important to you.

What is the International Au Pair Association?

International Au Pair Association

The International Au Pair Association was founded in 1994 by leading au pair organizations. The IAPA helps monitor and improve the quality of au pair exchange programs. It works with national nanny services all over the world in protecting and guiding au pairs and families.

What Should I Know About Hiring a Canadian Nanny?

Canadian Nanny

The easiest way to hire a Canadian nanny is to use the services of a Canadian nanny agency. Canadian nannies can sign on with an agency in the hopes of securing a job. Families who are interested in searching for a Canadian nanny can then access an agency's database and look at the available nannies. Most of these agencies offer the following information regarding Canadian nannies:

  1. Direct contact with the nanny.
  2. In-depth profile of the nanny, including experience, education, language, medical training, and criminal background check.
  3. Full, part-time, live-in, or live-out availability.
  4. Screening process available to potential employers.
  5. Job postings by individual families searching for a Canadian nanny.
  6. Family profiles which include the requirements of each family in regards to hiring a nanny.
  7. E-mail updates to the registered families and nannies.

What is the US status regarding nannies?

Stats for Nannies in the United States

According to the International Nanny Association, 52 percent of all working mothers have children under one year of age. Roughly one third of all children under age five are supervised in the child's home by a nanny or in-home care provider or a national nanny service. INA states the demand for nannies is an estimated 70,000 for the entire nation.

What about assistance for retirees?

Companions for Retirees

The International Nanny Association has on call companions available on a daily basis to assist retirees. INA has one time assignments or ongoing positions. The companion will help with household needs including meal preparation, pet sitting, errand running, etc. Companions accompany retirees to doctor appointments, hair appointments, shopping, theater, golf, and all other outings. Check national nanny services for similar companion situations.

Can I use a nanny surveillance camera in my home?

Nanny Surveillance Cameras

The International Nanny Association has established the following guidelines for the use of nanny surveillance cameras:

  1. It is preferred that the employer discuss the use of a nanny surveillance camera before the nanny is hired.
  2. The International Nanny Association recommends that a written agreement is signed by both the family and the nanny concerning the use of a surveillance camera.
  3. The association also believes that any use of undisclosed cameras could result in embarrassment and the subsequent loss of a nanny.
  4. The association also points out that lesser quality cameras may not show adequate time frames or accurate pictures.
  5. The International Nanny Association also suggests that employing families become familiar with their state's laws governing the use of nanny surveillance camera.
  6. The association also cautions parents to terminate a nanny immediately upon suspicion of neglect or abuse.

What information should I have before hiring a nanny?

Information for Families on Hiring a Nanny

The International Nanny Association has specific guidelines for use in interviewing and hiring a nanny. Two of the most important points to remember, however, include the following:

  1. Trust your intuition. Even if everything looks good on paper, if you have doubts about the nanny that you are interviewing, keep looking.
  2. Interview the nanny more than once. While you will probably form an impression of the nanny and she will form an impression of you during the first interview, it makes sense to schedule at least one more interview to see if you both feel the same way again.
The International Nanny Association also recommends asking several "what if" questions to try to understand the nanny's philosophy and views on child care. Of course, it is important to find out about her experience, education, and expectations from the job, but you should also get to know her personally as well. Will her personality fit in with your family's lifestyle? Is she too quiet or too loud for your children? All of these points should be considered. Finally, the International Nanny Association also recommends checking references twice, especially if you are interested in hiring a particular person.

What information can I get from the Annual Directory of Nanny Training Programs?

Annual Directory of Nanny Training Programs

The International Nanny Association's Annual Directory of Nanny Training Programs, Nanny Placement Agencies, and Special Services includes a listing of more than 300 nanny agencies, schools, and services. Members of the International Nanny Association may use this directory to locate other agencies and schools which are located across the country. Information on nanny schools includes admission requirements, costs, length of training, and financial aid. Nannies may use the International Nanny Association's directory to find placement agencies. Families may use the directory to search for agencies in their area.

What is the International Nanny Association?

What is the International Nanny Association?

The International Nanny Association was founded in 1985 as a non-profit association for nannies. The association's membership also includes those who educate potential nannies, place nannies in employment, provide support for nannies, and hire nannies into their homes. The International Nanny Association strives to do the following:

  1. Respect those who are committed to childcare.
  2. Support those families who seek the services of a nanny.
  3. Maintain high expectations of a professional manner for all employees.
  4. Promote the physical, emotional, educational, and social well-being of a child.
  5. Support a nanny's personal growth and professional development.

How can I hire a Russian nanny?

Russian Nanny

Before an American family can hire a Russian nanny, they should be familiar with the guidelines set up by the U.S. Department of Labor concerning hiring a foreign worker. The safest and most thorough method of hiring a Russian nanny is to go through the International Nanny Agency. The agency will make sure that both the family and the nanny are represented adequately. The International Nanny Agency can also answer frequently asked questions regarding foreign employment, interviewing a nanny, background checks, and other information pertaining to the hiring of a nanny. The Russian nanny will be encouraged to create a profile which gives information on her education, experience, age, and even language capabilities.

How can INA help me?

Assistance from the INA

The International Nanny Association has a list of national nanny services by state. It also has helpful information for families and educational resources. INA has its own press gallery and even has a "nanny of the year" award.

What is the International Nanny Association nanny/family agreement?

Nanny and Family Agreement

The International Nanny Association has drafted a generic nanny and family agreement. This agreement should enable both the nanny and the family to reach a tangible agreement as to the terms of the nanny's services and the obligations of the employing family. The agreement covers topics, such as salary, insurance, benefits, and tax considerations. The International Nanny Association's Nanny and Family Agreement also addresses other pertinent issues, including the following:

  1. Family's expectations
  2. Nanny's expectations
  3. Household Information
  4. Emergency Plans
  5. Meals
  6. Discipline
This plan will eliminate some of the stress and/or misunderstandings that could occur between the employing family and the nanny in the future.

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