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What is the best way to advertise my home child care?

Running a Home Childcare Business

Marketing your in home childcare business can be complex. What works best may depend upon where you are located and what resources you have. For instance, if your home childcare business is located in a small community, you can try a local monthly news bulletin. If located closer to town, maybe the phone book would be profitable. However, most childcare at home providers will agree that there is nothing like word of mouth.

What are the steps to choosing quality child care?

5 Steps to Quality Childcare

Five good steps to choosing quality homelike childcare are as follows: Start looking as far in advance as you can. Finding high quality childcare options can take some time. Search by calling your nanny referral agency or speak with friends and family who have children in childcare. If you visit a daycare center, make sure to take a list of questions to ask the staff about the facility. Think about what you saw and make the best choice for your child/children based on your personal priorities. Finally, stay involved - call, visit and do what needs to be done to be sure you are receiving quality childcare.

What should I consider if I want to open an in home childcare?

Opening a Child Care

Many women who love children consider opening their own home childcare. While the first requirement (a desire to work with children) is met easily, there are other factors to consider. When deciding to do childcare at home there are questions you may want to ask yourself. You need to consider the realities of owning a childcare. Will you be able to work long hours with little pay and no breaks? Do you have enough experience children? Do you have space in your house for an in home childcare system? It is important you consider everything involved with owning a home daycare. Look online for home childcare groups to discover the realities of owning a daycare.

How do you know if you have a quality care giver?

Earmark of a Quality Care Taker

A high quality caregiver is loving and responsive to his or her charges. The caregiver will hug, rock and cuddle your child or baby. He or she will talk to your child and respect your child or baby's individuality. When you are interviewing caregivers, watch how they interact with your child and see if they respect your child. A good caretaker will create quality homelike childcare surroundings by providing an area that is clean, safe and filled with interesting and stimulating things to explore.

Are daily logs important?

Daily Journals

One of the best things families can do for themselves is ask their full time nannies to keep daily notes with day to day accomplishments and routine happenings. Asking your nanny or home childcare provider to fill out a daily log sheet isn't a perfect substitute for being there, but it can help. Plus, it's an opportunity to monitor the success of the in home childcare.

How should you measure quality childcare?

Measuring Quality Childcare

All parents, whether they need a babysitter, live-in nanny or daily sitter, want to make sure they are getting quality childcare. While quality is subjective, researchers have measured high quality childcare in various ways: by observation, by recording structural and caregiver characteristics and by assessing health and safety. Parents should determine what their primary concerns are in their childcare situation. They should evaluate what quality childcare means to them, and seek a caregiver who has the same priorities. Some may look for an older caregiver who has the experience of raising her own children. Others may find a nanny with a childhood education degree a perfect fit.

What is the quality of childcare in US?

Types of Quality Childcare in the United States

There are many different types of childcare available in the United States. The first is quality homelike childcare that takes place in a home or small daycare center. Home daycare is run by a woman (sometimes with children of her own) out of her home. Each state has restrictions regarding running a home daycare. Small daycare centers and large daycare facilities are companies that are run like normal businesses and are located at a special building. The staffs at daycare centers are required to take early childhood education courses before they can work with children. Some parents may choose to hire a private nanny who will either live with them or work in their home during the day. While this option gives the child the most one on one attention, nannies can be costly and out of many parents' price ranges.

How do I find good quality care?

Finding Good Quality Care

Your community may have a high quality childcare referral agency that can provide you with a list of facilities. You may also wish to contact the National Association for Family Child Care to check into quality homelike childcare as well. Try getting referrals from other parents, co-workers and friends. You should visit and judge for yourself if a caregiver or program meets your personal requirements for quality childcare.

How much should I charge for home child care?

Charging Fees

Most potential home childcare providers call local providers in their area to determine rates and get more of an idea what is competitive. in Home childcare rates vary dramatically from state to state, depending on the cost of living. Finding a balance that works can be tricky. Your best bet when starting childcare at home is use a rate that you can live with that is based on the local average.

How do I set up my environment?

In-home Child Care

Each home childcare provider has a style of their own when setting up their environment. Some have a separate room for their in home childcare center filled with activities. Others may have a couple of shelves in each room with appropriate activities while others use their entire home. Also, consider the ages of the children that you will be caring for in your daycare. If you are going to care for infants, you will need to have special areas for changing, feeding and sleeping.

Which is the best parent for in home childcare?

Mom vs. Dad in Childcare

Fathers can be as nurturing as mothers in home childcare. Put away the thoughts of mothers being caregivers and fathers breadwinners. Some factors in deciding who does in home childcare are - which parent has more money, who has better health insurance, personal career options and job flexibility. Answer these questions and you will find who is the better one to deal with childcare at home.

What about quality child care for children with disabilities?

Quality Care for Disabled Children

Almost all quality childcare providers, regardless of size or number of employees, must comply with title III of the American Disabilities Act. Even small, quality homelike childcare centers that may not have to follow some State laws are covered by title III. The only exceptions are the high quality childcare centers that are run by religious entities. This title requires that adequate facilities be provided for those with disabilities.

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