Types of Quality Childcare in the United States

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What is the quality of childcare in US?

Types of Quality Childcare in the United States

There are many different types of childcare available in the United States. The first is quality homelike childcare that takes place in a home or small daycare center. Home daycare is run by a woman (sometimes with children of her own) out of her home. Each state has restrictions regarding running a home daycare. Small daycare centers and large daycare facilities are companies that are run like normal businesses and are located at a special building. The staffs at daycare centers are required to take early childhood education courses before they can work with children. Some parents may choose to hire a private nanny who will either live with them or work in their home during the day. While this option gives the child the most one on one attention, nannies can be costly and out of many parents' price ranges.



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