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What is an average cost of a nanny?

Nanny Fees

The expected salary for a nanny is from $300 to $700 a week depending upon age, experience and expected duties. The work week is five days, 10 to 12 hours. Live in childcare can cost the family $15,000 to $20,000 annually and should be considered a budgeted household expense. Many families are now sharing nannies with another family to make the process more affordable.

What kind of activities can nannies do on rainy days?

"Stay in" Activities for Nannies

Rainy days can be a childcare provider nightmare! But there are things to do. If you care are old enough, you can try baking with them. Children love breaking eggs, measuring and even stirring. The best part is getting to eat the results. Another idea for nannies and their cares is to create a tent indoors. The nanny can set up sheets or blankets on the kitchen table and chairs to make tents. Children will enjoy hearing a story told with funny faces and sound effects. You can also entertain the children by acting out a story as a play. The kids can either dress up or use sock puppets to tell the story.

Why should I hire a nanny?

Reasons to Hire a Nanny

A few good reasons to consider a nanny for hire are for part time child care (whether children are in school full or part time), possible tutoring or chauffeuring to activities. If you have an infant and are heading back to work, having nanny care is a perfect solution. Nannies for hire can do housekeeping chores, cook evening meals to give you free time up or help you run those errands you can't seem to accomplish.

What can nannies do for trips or outings?

Outings for Nannies

Outings with your cares are an important part of nannying. Some outings are simple, cheap and quick. Others take a whole day. A nanny can do indoor trips to cinemas, libraries, aquariums and even butterfly centers. Outside, nannies have choices from parks, zoos, ponds with animals to feed or even a train station for the children to watch the trains go by. Your employer may require a certain number of outings per week but you can also request special outings for the child. The employers should provide all expenses for the outing and have final say on where the child and nanny go. Alternate different types of trips so the children don't get tired of the place or activity.

How do I become a nanny?

Becoming a Nanny

Most of the time those that are interested in becoming nannies have been casual babysitters or informal childcare providers for family members and family friends. After an individual decides that the nanny profession is right for them, they need to determine whether they need additional early childhood education. A nanny agency can help a new nanny begin his or her career. They will assist a childcare provider in creating a binding contract, obtaining top salary and living in the best environments with reasonable hours. An agency can offer positions in different locations across the US, connect you with other nannies in the area and be there when concerns arise. There are many legal issues involved in the nanny-parent relationship and the agency can handle all of these as well.

What are some ways to consider hiring a nanny?

Hiring a Nanny

Nannies for hire are everywhere. Start by telling your friends you are looking for a nanny and to let you know if they hear of someone. Place an ad online or start your search by asking other moms where they had success. If time is limited for finding a nanny for hire - consider an agency. They can help simplify the process and help you choose what is best for you.

Is language a barrier?

Language Barriers and Your Nanny

When considering nannies for hire one of the most important issues is language. Assuming that English is your language, are you comfortable with broken English? You need to feel confident that the nanny for hire will understand instructions fully. Equally as important, your children will be with this person under nanny care a great deal of the time. They need to feel comfortable and safe in the communication process as well. If your children are older, they might benefit from having a bi-lingual nanny. They can learn a new language and help the nanny improve her English.

How do I find a "Christian" nanny?

Hiring a Religious Nanny

There are many nannies for hire that are directed toward Christian families seeking nanny care. Many families prefer to have caregivers specifically of the Christian faith or a particular denomination to help in their households. Live-in and live-out nannies and both full-time and part-time baby nurses who are Christian are available. Their services are finely tuned to meet the needs of Christian children. There are also several nannies day care services for parents seeking to maintain Christian values in their children's lives. Having the family and the nanny's faith systems the same is sometimes one of the keys to a successful nanny-parent relationship.

What is considered "nanny" chores?

Typical Nanny Chores

Nannies chores are providing care for the child or children. A nanny provides supervision and plans activities in and out of doors. A child care nanny reads, plays, includes children in activities, helps with homework, and assists with bathing and diapering. He or she is also responsible for the safety of the child, and must watch the child during potentially dangerous activities.

What kind of books are available?

Reference Material for Hiring Nannies

There are many good books that give a great overview of the issues involved in selecting nannies for hire. These books are aimed at those who are looking into nanny day care or hiring a nanny, as opposed to an Au pair. Nanny care is generally better due to education even though they might be more costly to hire and employ. Nanny books can help you with the hiring process and dealing with sensitive nanny related situations.

What is the difference between a nanny and an au pair

Differences Between Nannies and Au pairs

Au pairs are generally foreign born women between ages of 18 and 26. Au pairs must have a visa, and if they care for a child under 2, they must have 200 hours of experience. They're required to provide 10 to 45 hours of service. Nannies tend to be women between 18 and 50, usually hold a degree in early childhood development and are often members of unions and organizations like INA. They do live in childcare or day-to-day basis. A nanny works between 40 and 70 hours per week.

Are there any useful "do it yourself" on hiring nannies?

Virtual Hiring

When you ready to look at nannies for hire or even a day care, consider the CD Rom "Know Your Nanny". It has useful information on it including a customized employment application, an extensive list of interview questions to pose to your nanny care applicants and a random and unannounced audio and video monitoring agreement. You might want to check out this in home hiring kit!

What are some back yard activities for kids and their nannies?

Yard Fun for Nannies

Nannies can organize a scavenger hunt for their cares by hiding some treats or toys in the backyard. If the children are older, give a list of clues. If they are younger, make a list of things to find. Make mealtimes fun for your cares. Ananny can create a wonderful picnic lunch. All you need is a blanket and food. A child care nanny can play catch or even badminton with plastic racks and a birdie. Imagination is an endless tool. Encourage your cares to act out stories, sing, dance and play pretend.

Is an outgoing nanny better than a conservative one?

Introverts vs. Extroverts

Nannies for hire should be outgoing rather than shy, for obvious reasons. Ask the nanny for hire what their favorite activities are. This is a understated way to find out what their temperament is. If they mention bike riding, walking, swimming or hiking then you know that they like the outdoors and will take your children on many outings. However, if they mention that they like to read this is not an indication that they will be a bad nanny or is a shy person. Instead, evaluate how she interacts with you and the children. If she is withdrawn and speaks in a low voice, she will most likely be shy and not interact much with the children.

What can I expect when I switch from one nanny position to another?

New Nanny Position Responsibilities

There are as many different nanny positions as there are people in the world. No two nanny positions are alike, so if you find yourself switching jobs from one family to another, don't necessarily expect the same situation.

Before you accept another nanny position with a different family, make arrangements to meet with them to discuss their expectations. Maybe in the first family you worked with, there were three children under the age of five. The house was a mess, but the parents didn't care. They just wanted you to keep the kids safe, fed, and entertained. Now, with this new family, your nanny position could take on a whole new meaning. For example, they might want one child on a tight schedule. You might be required to drive him to and from sporting events, recreational activities, etc. This family might expect the home to be spotless when they get back from work with a full meal ready on the table.

You can't expect one nanny position to be identical to another. That's why it's important to communicate with the family before signing any contracts. If the family is vague on their expectations for this particular nanny position, ask them direct questions like the hours of work, pay, whether housekeeping duties are required and, if so, to what extent, if grocery shopping or running errands is expected and whether you'll have use of the family car for those things.

Remember, when you're taking on a new nanny position, it'll take some time to get into the rhythm of things and to get used to your new setting and responsibilities.

How do online nanny agencies work?

How Nanny Agencies Work

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to hire a nanny is to log onto your computer and visit an online nanny agency. If you're not sure where to get started, just do a Google search using keywords like “hire nanny” or “nannies for hire”. You should easily be able to find a reputable nanny agency using that method.

Once you get to the website, have a look around. There should be a wealth of information including a place for Frequently Asked Questions, maybe a Resource Center where you can read all about nanny contracts, hiring a live in nanny, what to pay a nanny, etc. You'll notice that the nanny agency offers the same services to people looking to fill nanny positions.

Once you're more comfortable with the website, go back to the home page where you'll have a chance to do a free search for nannies, or the opportunity to register by choosing one of three packages. Keep in mind that the free nanny search is really just a teaser. Should you happen to spot a nanny who looks like someone you might want to contact, you won't be able to unless you register and pay for a package. Once you've chosen the package that's right for you (price increases with level of service provided, including background checks), you'll have an opportunity to send a message to the nanny's message box. The ball is then in the nanny's court as to whether she wants to contact you or not. From there, you can have some messaged discussions and decide when, where, or if you should arrange for an interview.

Why would I hire an international nanny?

The Benefit of Hiring International Nannies

There's quite a bit of red tape involved in hiring international nannies. An international nanny, or “au pair” is someone who comes to the United States to work in exchange for housing and a weekly stipend. Luckily, hiring international nannies through au pair placement agencies eliminates a lot of that red tape and paperwork. In fact, part of the fee you pay the agency includes the cost of completing the paperwork. In 2007, the fees for one particular au pair placement agency included a $250 application fee, a $2500 placement fee, and a $3900 program fee. Consider the fact that international nannies have to be recruited, screened, have working visas, must travel to get to the United States, etc, and you'll understand exactly where your money is going. Unlike hiring a nanny, hiring international nannies or au pairs involves strict guidelines on what you can pay. There's a stipend that you must pay the au pair. If she has to look after children over two years of age, the stipend is around $130 per week. If she's caring for children under the age of two, the stipend jumps to $164 per week.

Hiring international nannies or au pairs works best when you're hiring for a short term contract, or for the summer months. They are usually young individuals looking to come to the United States for work experience.

When I contact the nanny's references, what questions should I ask?

Nanny Reference Checks

Once you've gone through the process of hiring a nanny, done the interviews, and completed the background checks, it's time to contact the nanny's references. You don't have to do this part last; you can do it before the background or criminal record check. As long as all of the steps are completed before hiring the nanny, it doesn't matter what order they're done in.

If this is your first time hiring a nanny, you may not be familiar with how the reference checks should go. First, you'd ask the nanny to provide a list of references. Specify how many references you'd like to see and the type of reference. For example, some people might try to give you references from family and friends when what you really want is to hear from previous employers. When looking for nannies for hire, you may have already specified that you wanted an experienced nanny. If that's the case, she should be able to provide you with references from past employers.

Finally, there are some basic questions to ask the references including:

1) How long have you known the applicant?

2) How long was the applicant employed by you?

3) Would you hire the applicant again?

4) Why did the applicant leave?

5) Can you describe the applicant's personality?

6) What were the applicant's duties while working for you?

7) Was the applicant dependable and trustworthy?

These are just a few suggestions for reference questions. Tailor your questions to match your family's needs.

What's the best way to handle leaving a nanny position?

Leaving Your Nanny Position

For whatever reason, you've decided it's time to move on from your current nanny position. Maybe you know someone from your own family looking for a nanny and you've decided to work for them. Or, maybe you've decided to return to school. You could be moving, getting out of the nanny business, or any number of other things. The bottom line is that you've decided to leave your current nanny position.

Sounds simple, right? For some people it is. For others, it's the hardest thing they've ever had to do. Think about it. How long have you worked for this family? Unless you're a robot, you can't help but bond with the kids. You get close. It's only natural. But when it comes time to say good-bye, it's not always easy.

If you're the only nanny the children have ever had or known, they may find it hard to see you go. Before you say anything to the kids, have a heart-to-heart with your employer. Tell them your reasons for moving away from this nanny position and try to leave on a good note. You never know when you might need a good job reference, or another job. So, leave your current nanny position on a positive note; no hard feelings.

At that point, ask the parents for permission to talk to the kids yourself. The kids will appreciate your honesty, even if it might not seem that way at first. Young kids might not easily internalize what's happening right away, but at least they'll understand that you didn't just disappear from their lives.

How easy is it to use a nanny agency?

Using Nanny Agencies

Nanny agencies, especially the convenience of online nanny agencies, are perfect when you're looking to hire a nanny. The way it works is simple and free (initially). Simply register with the nanny agency by posting your profile. Everyone looking for nanny jobs will have a profile, and everyone looking to hire a nanny will have a profile. That gives everyone equal opportunity to eyeball each other “virtually” before agreeing to meet. Now, it's important to know that non-paying members of nanny agencies don't have access to all of the profile information, including contact information. To get to that point, you have to pay a fee for the service.

Paying a fee to a nanny agency should provide you with some basic services, including a minimum background check on the nanny. Once you've pinpointed someone specific that you'd like to meet and interview, don't be surprised if she refuses to meet with you at your house. If she's meeting you alone for the first time, she has every right to feel safe and should be expected to suggest a public meeting place. Alternatively, she might ask to bring a support person with her to your home for that first visit. It's not personal; she's just someone who values her safety.

With online nanny agencies, you have the convenience of viewing profiles at your leisure, while specifying the amount of experience and skill you expect.

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