Live In Nanny Myths

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What are some myths or misunderstandings about live in nannies?

Live In Nanny Myths

Many families dismiss the idea of a live in sitter or live in nanny for several reasons. Most of these reasons are myths, however, such as the following:

  1. I can't afford a nanny. This may especially be untrue if you have more than one child who needs child care. You should consider how much money you spend each month on day care and compare that with a live in nanny's salary. If your nanny will do light housekeeping duties as well, you may find that you'll spend even less money, especially if you have someone clean your house periodically.
  2. My child will miss out on being with other children. Think about it this way. If you could be home with your child every day, would he really miss out on socializing. Probably not because you would arrange play dates, trips to the park, and other activities. Your live in sitter could do the exact same things with your child.
  3. If the relationship doesn't work, I'm stuck because of a contract. This simply isn't true. If you use a nanny agency, that agency should work to find a more suitable nanny for your home and a more suitable employer for the nanny.
  4. There's too much paperwork in hiring a live in nanny. If you aren't comfortable filling out some of the government forms or tax documents, then find a reputable agency to handle them.



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