Nanny Agencies

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Nanny Agencies

The choice to use a nanny agency in the search for a live in nanny is an extremely personal one. While some families would prefer finding a nanny by word of mouth, others feel more secure using a nanny agency. Why might you use a nanny agency? Consider the following:

  1. Nanny agencies are well-acquainted with state laws governing nanny/employer relationships.
  2. Nanny agencies will work with both the family and the live in nanny to establish an agreement which covers both parties' interests.
  3. Nanny agencies usually have a broad database of families and nannies who are looking for a live in nanny relationship.
  4. Nanny agencies can provide support to both the employing family and the nanny throughout the relationship.
  5. Nanny agencies typically do background checks and preliminary interviews before signing a nanny with an agency.



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