Temporary Nannies who Teach

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How can I supplement my temporary nanny income?

Temporary Nannies who Teach

As a temporary nanny, you might be looking for ways to supplement your income. Sure being a temporary nanny is your thing, but why not package up all of those years' experience and take it over to the local college or university. Training coordinators and staff at colleges are always on the lookout for new faces to teach continuing education courses.

Teaching a continuing education course usually involves about two to three hours of your time, once or twice a week, for a short period of time. As a temporary nanny, think about all of the experiences you've had and what you've learned from those experiences. The last time a toddler crammed three Flintstone vitamins up his nose taught you at least three different lessons:

1) Keep all medications, including vitamins, out of the reach of children.

2) Kids will shove anything they can up their noses.

3) The emergency department doesn't feel that Flintstone vitamins are top priority in the triage protocol.

How does this relate to teaching continuing education courses? Well, you've got enough knowledge right there to teach a course in basic child safety and/or how to handle a stuffed vitamin emergency.

Create a resume of past teaching and/or earning experiences and take it over to the local college. Tell them you're interested in teaching a night course and see what happens. It might be the perfect way to earn more money while continuing to work as a temporary nanny.



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