Student Work Placements as Temporary Nannies

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Do students of Early Childhood Studies require work placements to graduate?

Student Work Placements as Temporary Nannies

Students in training for work with children might be required to complete weeks of on-the-job training before qualifying for graduation. That could include a stint working as a temporary nanny. Families who live near colleges and universities can visit the campus registrar to submit their names as work hosts. That means they're willing to hire a student as a temporary nanny with the understanding that the student will be paid less than qualified graduate, but also understanding that the student now has the skills to do the job.

Families who approach schools with an interest in hiring temporary nannies should be aware that they may be subject to scrutiny. Generally, it's the student's responsibility to find their own work placements, but the school is still liable should anything happen to the student. For that reason, they may want conduct at least a minimal background check on the host family before approving the job placement.

Hiring a student as a temporary nanny also carries some responsibility. For example, the family will be required to keep notes on the student including details of their work habits, tardiness, skills, care, etc. The family will probably be required to complete an evaluation and submit it to the school at the end of the work placement. The evaluation and feedback the family gives directly impacts the student's chances for success. A terrible work placement as a temporary nanny could even mean the difference between graduating or not graduating.



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