Nanny Contract Refusal

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What do I do if the nanny refuses to sign the contract?

Nanny Contract Refusal

There's always the possibility that you're going to spend hours creating a tight nanny contract only to have the nanny refuse to sign it. At that point, you've got to ask why. It could be that she was expecting a full-time job and you're only offering her part-time hours. Maybe you have two preschool children, but you had also planned on having the nanny care for your sister's baby as well.

Just because you've created a nanny contract, doesn't mean the nanny has to sign it. In fact, it's a good illustration as to why you should create nanny contracts in the first place. Imagine if you hired a nanny and she accepted the position under certain assumptions. The next thing you know the nanny has quit and you're left to start another nanny search.

If the nanny does refuse to sign the contract you've proposed, don't automatically discount her as being unreasonable or stubborn. Talk to her! She probably has good reason for not signing the contract. With a little open discussion, you might be able to tailor the contract to suit both yours needs and the nanny's expectations.



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