Nanny Break Ups are Hard to Do

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How do I fire my nanny?

Nanny Break Ups are Hard to Do

Let's say you've gone through the process of finding a nanny, hired someone for a short period of time, and then the unthinkable happened. Maybe you or your partner lost your job and suddenly you can't afford to pay the nanny. Maybe the nanny was caught behaving inappropriately or worse, mistreating the kids. For whatever reason, you had to let her go.

These are two completely different lay-off procedures. In the first scenario, there's nothing inherently wrong with the nanny's services; you just can't afford to keep her for the time being. In the second scenario, you may have some criminal issues (worse case scenario) or you're simply not happy with her services. The following are ideas on how to handle each situation:

1) Can't afford to keep the nanny? Make sure to have a frank discussion with the nanny about how lucky you were to have discovered her through the nanny finder agency. Talk about the fact that as much as you need a nanny, you just can't do it right now. Be honest with her. Tell her what's happened. Then make sure to offer her any assistance she might need in finding a nanny job. Unless you have reason not to, offer her a glowing recommendation letter and even some names and numbers of people you know are looking for a nanny. Hopefully, in the contract signed between you and your nanny, you gave yourself an exit clause for situations like this.

2) If you're actually firing your nanny, it's important to be honest. Talk to her about what went wrong and let her know that you won't be available for a good reference.

It's never easy to let someone go from their job, but it is sometimes necessary. Do it with tact, honesty, and respect for the individual.



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