Hiring A Summer Nanny For The Cottage

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Is it okay to bring a summer nanny with the family to the cottage?

Hiring A Summer Nanny For The Cottage

The long hot days of summer practically beg for a more informal lifestyle. It's time to leave the home and all of its laborious chores for a few months and head out to the cottage. Every year the whole family looks forward to heading out to the summer home where it doesn't matter if the dog jumps on the sofa or if sand-laden bathing suits are left dripping on the bathroom floor. Okay…it matters...but not as much.

The problem is what do you do with the kids when you're entertaining guests, visiting friends and family, or just wanting a night out to yourself? This is where a part time summer nanny comes in handy. Let's assume your cottage is out of town, or maybe even out of state. How are you going to find a summer nanny? The first thing to do is check online nanny placement agencies like www.nannies4hire.com to see if there are any profiles that meet your expectations. Start early! Don't wait until a week before you plan on moving the family to the cottage. Give yourself a month or more to spend time looking for a summer nanny. You're going to want time to meet the person, conduct a phone interview, discuss a summer nanny contract, etc. Remember, when you're searching online for a summer nanny, you'll need to narrow your search to the appropriate location. There's no sense trying to find a part time summer nanny in Boston if you're going to Los Angeles.



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