Who's Your Nanny?

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How can I alleviate my fears about leaving my kids alone with a new nanny?

Who's Your Nanny?

Feeling a little nervous about hiring a nanny? If this is your first time leaving your kids with a babysitter or nanny, your anxiety is completely understandable. If you've got a vivid imagination, you might envision a spring-break “nannies gone wild” scenario taking place in your living room. Relax! If you hire a nanny through a professional agency and take the time to do background checks, you should have nothing to worry about.

This is all good talk, but when it comes right down to leaving your kids with someone you barely know, all reason can go out the window. Of course, once you develop a good working relationship with the nanny, your fears will gradually ease. The best way to get to know your nanny in a non-threatening way is to invite her to join the family for an outing. Do something fun and bring the family, including the nanny, to an amusement park. Take a picnic to the beach, play a few rounds of mini-golf, or anything along those lines. The outing shouldn't be a chance to watch your nanny “in action.” It's not suppose to be a period of observation. You just want to give everyone a chance to get to know one another. It's especially important for the kids to feel comfortable with the nanny outside of the regular structure and routine of the regular work-week.

Leave all talk of nanny contracts and nanny job responsibilities behind. The day should be all about getting to know each other while having fun as a family.



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