A Collaborative Approach To Nanny Contracts

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What's the best way to present a nanny contract to my new nanny?

A Collaborative Approach To Nanny Contracts

Think back to the worst employment experience you've ever had. Was your boss an overbearing dictator? Did your boss ever ask for your input or your suggestions in the workplace? What about flexibility? Was your boss willing to work with you when personal or family problems arose?

Now put yourself in your new role as boss. That's right…boss. If you're going to hire a nanny, you're going to be the boss now. To help get things off on the right foot, spend some time with the nanny going over a nanny employment contract. Talk to the nanny about responsibilities you're adamant about, and other issues where you're more flexible. There will be some things you'll negotiate on, and some things you won't. Asking the nanny to participate in the process of creating a nanny contract will open up the lines of communication and get your working relationship off to a great start.

Remember, your nanny is going to have to sign off on the agreement so it's best that she completely understands the contract. Getting her input into the nanny agreement is one good way to make sure there are no misunderstandings. It's also a good way to clear up any potential issues before they become big problems. Working collaboratively on nanny contracts is a good way to get to know your new nanny and her own expectations. In fact, you'll learn a lot about each other throughout the process. Try to be flexible where you can, but don't be swayed when it comes to the types of nanny responsibilities you feel most strongly about.



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