Hiring A Nanny - Gearing Up For The Interview

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How will I know which nanny to hire after the interviews?

Hiring A Nanny - Gearing Up For The Interview

You're smart, so why second guess your instincts when it comes to hiring a nanny? You'll be able to get a good sense of how professional the nanny is from the interview. Ask your questions, listen to the responses, and carefully watch the nanny's reactions. Still not overly confident about the interview process? The following are some questions you should ask with examples of reactions that should put you on high alert:

1) How do you feel about doing some light housekeeping?

Bad response: “Oh my God, the last time I used a duster I got it caught in my hoop earrings!”

Good response: “I don't mind at all!”

2) It might be necessary to drive the kids to and from appointments, are you comfortable with that?

Bad response: “Sure! As soon as all of the charges on me are dropped.”

Good response: “No problem at all, I have a perfect driving record.”

3) How do you feel about signing a nanny confidentiality agreement?

Bad response: “I totally understand the importance of confidentiality. My last employer had a big-time gambling problem that she didn't want anyone to know about.”

Good response: “I understand your concern and I don't mind signing a confidentiality agreement.”

4) Suppose my five-year-old son suddenly spiked a high fever and became sick. What would you do?

Bad response: “My great grandmother swore by a hot mustard pack to the back of the neck, so I'd probably try that first.”

Good response: “I'd get him to rest, give him fluids, and check his temperature. I'd contact you or his pediatrician for advice.”

So you see? It isn't that hard to conduct an interview. When hiring a nanny, trust your instincts. The person you hire is going to be in your home, responsible for the health and well-being of your kids. Don't ignore any red-flags that come up during the interview. If you think you may have found the perfect nanny but can't be sure, invite her back for a follow-up interview. Sometimes the second round of questions will give you the answers you're looking for.



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