What To Put In a Nanny Contract

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What should be put into a nanny contract?

What To Put In a Nanny Contract

A nanny contract should address the needs of both the employing family and the nanny. Nanny contracts aren't difficult to write, and in many cases, the family will write a standard contract, ask the nanny to look over it, and then amend the contract to suit the needs of both parties. A nanny contract should have the following items included in most cases, however.

  1. Names of both parties.
  2. Social security number of the nanny.
  3. Addresses of both parties.
  4. Number of children to be cared for.
  5. Starting date of employment.
  6. Salary per hour, week, week, or month.
  7. Specified work hour times.
  8. Salary pay date.
  9. Amount of employment hours per week
  10. Tax information.
  11. Health insurance if applicable.
  12. Paid vacation leave.
  13. Paid holidays.
  14. Overtime pay.
  15. Room and board information.
  16. Duties
  17. Transportation
  18. Child care expectations
  19. Emergency management
  20. Raises, bonuses.
  21. Reprimands, grievances
  22. Notice of termination or resignation
  23. Signature of all parties.



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