Nanny and Family Contract

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What is a nanny and family contract?

Nanny and Family Contract

A nanny and family contract is typically a legal document that has been reviewed, signed, and even notarized by both parties. There are many sample nanny contracts that can be found on-line. These contracts usually spell out in detail what is expected of both the nanny's services and the employing family's obligations toward the nanny. In most cases, the nanny contract covers at least some of the following items:

  1. Salary-This may include health insurance, taxes, etc.
  2. Work Schedule-A specific work schedule should be agreed upon with definite hours outlined in advance.
  3. Probationary period-Many employing families and nannies prefer a probationary period before a final contract is signed.
  4. Children's activity schedule-A nanny will need to know about the children's activities, including her own duties regarding these activities.
  5. Meals and housekeeping-Any extra duties should be outlined as well.
  6. Use of a car-Will the nanny need her own car, or will she be allowed the use of one?
  7. House rules-What are the rules regarding bedtime, snacks, TV, play dates, etc.?
  8. Termination notice-How will terminations be handled? Will warnings be issued beforehand?



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