Nanny Salary

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What should a nanny salary include?

Nanny Salary

The nanny salary that you choose to pay your nanny should be spelled out in a nanny contract. A nanny salary may include the following items:

  1. Health Care Benefits-Many employers choose to offer their nannies health care benefits. In some cases a nanny may choose to except a somewhat lower salary as long as health insurance is provided.
  2. Taxes-Although you'll probably need to consult your tax accountant before ironing out the details of taxes, you will most likely add the taxes on top of the salary that you and your nanny have already agreed upon in the nanny contract.
  3. Gas Allowance-If your nanny is expected to drive your children to soccer practice, piano lesson, and/or school, you'll need to either give her a gas credit card or an extra amount of money each month to compensate.
  4. Overtime-Again, you'll need to discuss this issue with your accountant at length, but keep in mind that it may be necessary for your nanny to work overtime on occasion, and you should compensate her for doing so.
  5. Bonuses-Typically, bonuses are added gifts for a job well done. However, you may decide to incorporate a bonus system for the amount of time your nanny remains in your employment.



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