NJ Nanny Contracts

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What should be covered in a NJ nanny contract?

NJ Nanny Contracts

Those seeking a NJ nanny can typically find them in several ways, including the following:

  1. Friends, neighbors, and relatives-Many times word of mouth is the best way to find a NJ nanny in your area.
  2. Nanny agencies-There are several nanny agencies that service the NJ area. These agencies can also be found on-line.
  3. Advertisements-Check out your newspaper's classified ads to find NJ nannies, or place help wanted ad yourself.
  4. Internet-You can post your employment needs on message boards or sign up with one of the many nanny agencies.
  5. Churches and Day cares-These places may post ads concerning nannies. Those who work at churches, day cares, and even pediatrician's offices may also know of someone who is looking for a nanny job



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