New York Nanny Contracts

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What should be included in a New York nanny contract?

New York Nanny Contracts

New York nanny contracts will protect the legal interests of the nanny and the employing family. New York nanny agencies typically have a generic contract that may be used by the employing family and the nanny. The parties involved may need to change certain items in the nanny contract, however, to suit their individual situations. New York nannies may sign up with a New York nanny agency, and this agency will represent them as well as the employing family. For those nannies wishing to find employment without the aid of a nanny agency, a nanny contract is an essential legal document. The nanny contract should address the following issues:

  1. Salary-The nanny and the employer should agree on the salary in the contract.
  2. Benefits-The benefits, such as insurance, retirement, etc., should be documented in the nanny contract.
  3. Work Hours-The nanny's expected hours of employment as well as overtime pay should be laid out in the nanny contract as well.
  4. Overtime-There may be times when a nanny must work overtime, and compensation should be expected.



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