What is a Nanny Contract?

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What is a nanny contract?

What is a Nanny Contract?

A nanny contract is a written business document that is designed to protect both the nanny's and the family's interest. When employing families and their nannies do not enter into a contract, confusion and misunderstandings could occur. Arguments over vacation time, nanny duties, paid leave, benefits, and overtime could result. The nanny should understand and agree to the conditions outlined by the employing family before she agrees to sign the nanny contract. On the other hand, the employer should also consult the nanny on specific items, such as salary, benefits, insurance, and paid leave, before having the nanny contract drawn up. Once a nanny contract has been read and agreed upon by both parties, the nanny contract can then be signed and notarized. Both parties should receive a copy of the signed and notarized nanny contract.

A nanny contract can protect the personal and legal interests of both the nanny and the employer. The nanny contract should be agreed upon and signed before the business arrangement begins.



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