Recommended Practices for Nanny Placement Agencies

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What are the International Nanny Association's recommended practices for nanny placement?

Recommended Practices for Nanny Placement Agencies

The International Nanny Association has issued a recommendation of practices for nanny placement agencies. These nanny placement practices include the following:

  1. Potential employing families should be told how the initial interview with the nanny by the placement agency was handled.
  2. The agency should verify both personal and employment references and disclose this information to the family interested in hiring the nanny.
  3. The International Nanny Association believes that a written agreement or contract should be issued between the nanny agency and the family, and each party should be given a copy of the signed agreement.
  4. Conditions for time limits, refunds, and replacement issues should be clearly stated within the agreement or contract.
  5. The nanny agency should give the nanny as much information as possible about the family.
  6. The agency should aid the nanny in drafting a contract for herself and the family.
  7. The nanny should receive a summary of all expenses and fees related to her affiliation with the nanny agency.
  8. The agency should comply with any applicable laws regarding the transaction and agreement of nanny services.



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