Membership in the International Nanny Association

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How can I join the International Nanny Association?

Membership in the International Nanny Association

The International Nanny Association is open to all of those of those people involved in child care within the home. Members include nanny agencies, nannies, educators, employers, and anyone else who is involved in the support or promotion of nanny services. The International Nanny Association offers a variety of categories for memberships, including the following:

  1. Individual Membership-This membership is open to an individual nanny or family.
  2. Standard-This membership is similar to the individual membership but also includes the Annual Directory of Nanny Training Programs, as well as a listing in this manual.
  3. Supporting-This membership includes all of the above, and in addition, allows up to three copies of the directory and up to two names listed in the directory.
In order to gain membership into the International Nanny Association, you should choose which membership is most applicable to your situation, fill out the on-line form, and submit payment.



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