How To Find a Nanny

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How do I find a nanny?

How To Find a Nanny

Many parents would like to engage the services of a nanny, but they become intimidated simply because they don't know how to find a nanny. Obviously, you'll want a nanny who is trustworthy, qualified, and experienced. How do you go about finding this person? The following tips will help you in your search to find a perfect nanny.

  1. Word of mouth-Let your friends and family know that you are trying to find a nanny. They may know someone to recommend. However, be sure you check other references as well.
  2. Local classifieds-Your local newspaper's classified section should have a list of nannies who are looking for employment. Again, it is very important the you verify any references. Just because a nanny advertises in the paper, doesn't mean that she is qualified to take care of your children.
  3. Place your own ad-You may also be able to find a nanny by placing your own ad. Use caution if you do this. You don't know who will be applying to your ad!
  4. Use the Internet-The Internet will give you a broad database of nannies to choose from. Make sure the company you use is reputable.
  5. Find an agency-Finally, a good way to find a nanny is to use an agency. You may have agencies in your area, or you can use the Internet to search for an agency.



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