Sick Leave

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Sick Leave

Special attention should be paid to the portion of the contract that deals with absences and illness. There are two main considerations when deciding these contract terms. The first is whether or not the nanny will be required to work when the children are sick. If the family would prefer to stay at home with their children when they are sick, than the nanny will either have a day off without pay or a vacation day. It is important to remember that not paying the nanny for days when the children are sick and she is not working is penalizing her for a situation that is out of her control. Most families, however, choose to have their nanny care for the children when the children are sick. The other situation to cover in the nanny contract is the nanny's sick time. There should be a set number of paid days per year that the nanny can take as sick days. Anytime over this will be unpaid sick leave. The nanny and family should also discuss if the nanny should call in sick the previous night before her missed day, or if she is able to call in the morning.



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