What Should I Know About Hiring a Canadian Nanny?

Canadian Nanny

The easiest way to hire a Canadian nanny is to use the services of a Canadian nanny agency. Canadian nannies can sign on with an agency in the hopes of securing a job. Families who are interested in searching for a Canadian nanny can then access an agency's database and look at the available nannies. Most of these agencies offer the following information regarding Canadian nannies:

  1. Direct contact with the nanny.
  2. In-depth profile of the nanny, including experience, education, language, medical training, and criminal background check.
  3. Full, part-time, live-in, or live-out availability.
  4. Screening process available to potential employers.
  5. Job postings by individual families searching for a Canadian nanny.
  6. Family profiles which include the requirements of each family in regards to hiring a nanny.
  7. E-mail updates to the registered families and nannies.

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I get paid $660 a 55 hour week for 1 child. What increase is fair for baby 2? The 3yr old will be in school 6 hours a week 2hr 3 days. Please respond ASAP

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