Working Your Way to a Full Time Job by being a Temporary Nanny

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What's the benefit of taking on temporary nanny jobs?

Working Your Way to a Full Time Job by being a Temporary Nanny

As a person just starting out as a professional nanny, it might take a little time to build up a resume with legitimate references. One of the most common complaints of college graduates is that the jobs they apply for require a certain amount of experience, but nobody wants to hire them to give them the experience they need. It's definitely a catch 22 situation. If your goal is to eventually work as a full-time nanny, you're going to need to find a way to build up your job skills and experience.

Just like a newly graduated business school student has to work his or her way up the corporate ladder, the person trying to become a full time professional nanny has to do the same thing. That might mean applying for jobs where there are temporary nannies for hire. Temporary nanny jobs are exactly what they sound like. They're jobs where the nanny could be on-call, has flexible work hours, and can fill in at a moment's notice. For example, a family may have a full time nanny but, unless she's superhuman, there's a good chance she's going to wake up sick one day, or request some vacation time. That's where the temporary nannies come into the picture. You'll be required to step into the picture, sometimes with very little notice, to save the day. If you're able to do that with ease, you just might eventually find yourself with those references that you need.



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