Simplifying the Nanny Search

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Does it make sense to do a nanny search with several different online nanny services?

Simplifying the Nanny Search

Online nanny services are really becoming popular, but if you're trying to fill a full time nanny job, it's not necessarily a good thing to register with each one. Doing a nanny search isn't like gambling. You can't just throw the die and wait for the “Nanny of the Year” jackpot. Instead, you'll end up getting overwhelmed and confused.

Let's say you've got your profile submitted in ten different places. Your “Nanny Wanted” sign attracts applications from twenty applicants. Now you've got to narrow those applications down to just a few that interest you the most. If you're time-crunched, this process could prove to be very tiring. All of a sudden you start confusing names with skills, not remembering which one you really liked, and having to sort through the pile once again.

Besides having to go through a number of different applications, searching for a nanny through multiple nanny services will cost you more than you need to pay. Pick one good nanny service, pay the membership for the best services you can afford, and stick with that. That should help make your nanny search a lot easier, and a lot less stressful.



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