Keeping the House Rules Intact

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Can I change the house rules once I become a full time nanny?

Keeping the House Rules Intact

Families in the real world are recruiting nannies because they need someone to help take care of their kids while they're at work. Maybe they're offering a live out nanny job to one qualified applicant. If you're that lucky person, remember that the only camera possibly on your back is a webcam. There's no TV crew lurking around the corner and you haven't been hired to change the way the family raises their children.

Unless you witness outright child abuse, it's none of your business if the family lets the children drink cola with their lunch. You might want to try and introduce unsweetened fruit drinks or milk into the child's diet, but only with the parents' permission. Hopefully, the family disclosed any serious allergies the minute you accepted the nanny job, but what if you weren't aware that the child is deathly allergic to milk? Maybe cola wasn't the top choice for a drink substitute, but at least now you understand the reasoning behind the decision.

Once you find a nanny job, it's up to you to stick with the agreement. Some families don't believe in discipline and others give time-outs every time the child looks sideways. In this new live out nanny job of yours, it's your responsibility to be a support to the family. That means reinforcing the house rules, not changing them.



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