Creating a Nanny Contract

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What is a nanny contract

Creating a Nanny Contract

Before hiring a nanny, take some time to create a nanny contract. Basically, a nanny contract is a written or typed document that outlines (in detail) everything the newly hired nanny is expected to do. You could compare a nanny contract to a job description. Ideally, the nanny would have time to read it over (on her own) and then return with the signed document, completely okay and aware of what's now expected of her.

Nanny contracts don't have to be filled with legal jargon that nobody can understand. It's just something to fall back on in case there are any misunderstandings between you and the nanny. A sample nanny contract would contain the following headings:


Date of Hire:

Name of Employee:

Hours of work per week:

Compensation for overtime:


Expected Daily Job Duties:

Expected Occasional Job Duties:

Live in or Live out:

Number of children in the home:

Ages of children at contract signing:

This is just an idea of what to include in a nanny contract; however, to take a look at other sample nanny contracts, do an Internet search, or ask someone you know who has a nanny to see how they created their contract, or look at online nanny placement agency websites to see samples.



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