Caring For The Elderly On Your Own Terms

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Should I indicate in my nanny job search that I'm willing to care for the elderly as well?

Caring For The Elderly On Your Own Terms

When you first entertained the thought of visiting the online nanny job listings, you probably didn't have the elderly in mind. However, it's really something to think about because it could just open a few more doors for you.

Imagine the relief a family will feel knowing they have a competent, professional nanny who's able to manage the household, the kids, and keep an eye on the aging patriarch or matriarch of the house. If these are the kinds of nanny job opportunities you're going to seek out, keep in mind that there should be extra compensation when expected to care for the elderly. Caring for the elderly presents a whole new set of responsibilities, so make sure those job duties are detailed in the contract before you sign on the dotted line.

There are some things, like administering certain medications and monitoring blood pressure that a licensed practitioner should do. A nanny, however, could be reasonably expected to do things like drive the elderly to appointments, make sure they're eating appropriate and nutritious foods (keeping in mind they may have certain dietary restrictions) and providing companionship by keeping them busy either mentally or physically, depending on their physical/mental limitations.

Caring for the elderly isn't for everyone, so before you indicate that you're willing to do it, think about it carefully. Remember, even if you do indicate that you're willing to look after an elderly person in the home, you can still stipulate what you're willing or not willing to do. Giving 90-year-old gramps a sponge bath probably wasn't what you had in mind when browsing nanny job opportunities! However, having a game of cards and making sure he drinks his daily Ensure supplement doesn't seem so bad. You decide, the cards are on your table.



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