Breaking In To The Nanny Business As A Temporary Nanny

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What's the best way to break into the nanny business?

Breaking In To The Nanny Business As A Temporary Nanny

If you're in college or university, maybe even in high school, becoming a temporary nanny is a good way to break into the business. Instead of jumping in with both feet, ready to commit instantly to a full time nanny position, why not consider being an on-call temporary nanny? Temporary nannies serve a valuable resource for stressed parents needing last minute child care services. Even the best made plans can fall apart, and a parent will remember how helpful and accommodating you were! The trick is to be ready for anything at anytime. If you're serious about eventually working your way into a full time or part time nanny position, it's important to realize that you might have to make a few sacrifices. It's possible that your own plans might have to be cancelled at the last minute in order to accommodate someone who needs temp child care.

A temporary nanny gets to meet a wide variety of people and can quickly get an excellent reputation as the one to call for last-minute help. This all adds up in terms of how your resume looks and what your future jobs could look like. It's okay to stipulate ahead of time the specific days when you know you won't be available. That's just being professional! The important thing is to be available when you say you'll be available.



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