Working Out The Kinks Of Nanny Shares

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What are some kinks to consider with nanny shares?

Working Out The Kinks Of Nanny Shares

While nanny share situations can be a lifesaver for families who can only offer part time nanny pay, it can get tricky sometimes. It's easy to overlook all of the little things that could, and probably will happen. For example, what happens when little Johnny suddenly develops croup? What about little Annie who is suddenly stricken with strep throat? You have to decide whether you'll have back up part time nanny care for these situations, or if you'll feel comfortable letting your kids continue to play and come in contact with certain viruses. If the nanny is careful to disinfect toys every day and is able to minimize the risks of infection, you might be okay with the situation. Think about it this way, if your children were in public daycare, how often would they be exposed to everyday childhood viruses? A nanny can do a lot to help prevent unnecessary illness in your children, just remember that she's not a super-hero virus buster!

Another thing to take into consideration is the age of the children involved. It's not fair to try and arrange a nanny share agreement with a part time nanny when there are children of vastly different ages and life stages. The best situation for everyone involved, including the kids, is to arrange a nanny share agreement with kids of similar ages. That way they can play together, learn together, grow together and hopefully nap together.



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