Nanny Employment Considerations

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What considerations should I use when hiring a nanny?

Nanny Employment Considerations

As you work your way through the nanny employment process, there are several considerations that you should keep in mind, including the following:

  1. Picture the perfect nanny-What personality traits do you look for? What characteristics do you value? How much experience and/or education should she have? What duties will she be in charge of?
  2. Nanny employment searches-How are you going to search for your nanny? Will you use a nanny agency, the classified section of your local newspaper, or simply by word of mouth?
  3. Contacting a potential nanny-How do you want to handle contacting your nanny about nanny employment? Would you prefer over the phone or on-line? Do you plan on setting up a meeting face to face, or do you want to handle the first interview over the phone?
  4. Reference and Background Checks-How will you handle these two items? You'll need to check at least two references that are work related, and you can order a criminal background check to be done professionally.
  5. Agreements-Once you've decided on a nanny, it's time to seal the deal with an agreement that protects yours and your nanny's interests.



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