Do's and Don'ts For Babysitting

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Any do's and don'ts for babysitting?

Do's and Don'ts For Babysitting

Being a babysitter is a serious job and the children you are caring for require constant attention. Under no circumstances should you invite your friends to the house where you are baby sitting. Don't use the phone unless necessary and save your homework for when the children are asleep. Review the proper discpline techniques with the parents before they leave, just in case they are needed. A good tactic for sitters is to give children "five minute warnings" - five minutes to clean up, five minutes until bedtime, etc. After the children go to sleep there are special rules you need to follow. When you're a sitter for infants and toddlers, check them every 30-45 minutes to make sure their airway is clear. Keep volumes low on the stereo or TV because you need to listen for the children. Clean up the areas that were messed up during the evening and wash any dishes that you and the children used.



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mischa said:

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Emma said:

Good idea, i will use that for when i babysit....

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Good idea, i will use that for when i babysit....


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