Trying Out a Temporary Nanny Service

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Is it okay to hire a temporary nanny to see if hiring a nanny on a more permanent basis is something I really want to do?

Trying Out a Temporary Nanny Service

Hiring a temporary nanny is a good way to test the waters. If you've been toying with the idea of hiring a nanny, but just aren't ready to dive into hiring someone full time, this might be the way to go. It's important to be honest about the position right from the start. From the time you post your “temporary nanny job” want ad to the time you interview someone for the position, make sure you're honest about it. Don't promise your temporary nanny eventual full time employment if you're not 100% sure you can follow through. You can, however, suggest that there is the possibility of further employment and maybe work it into a nanny contract.

It's not unrealistic for a temporary nanny to expect some commitment, so be prepared to offer a guaranteed schedule. Maybe you'll hire the temporary nanny for one month, or maybe for three. Again, write it up in the nanny contract and talk to the temporary nanny before either of you sign the document.

At the end of the negotiated work commitment, you have a decision to make. Be honest with the nanny. If you can't afford to hire a nanny on a more permanent basis, tell her. If you think you might be interested in hiring within a six month to one year time frame, tell her! You can't expect your temporary nanny to stay a temporary nanny while you sit on the fence of indecision. To buy yourself a little more time, it's okay to negotiate another contract whether it's for another month or more.



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