Nanny Contracts for Short Term Positions

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Is there ever a time when a nanny contract isn't needed?

Nanny Contracts for Short Term Positions

There are times when nanny contracts aren't necessary. For example, if you're hiring a relative, friend, or local college student for a very short-term nanny position, you may not require a contract. Yes, there's always the chance that misunderstandings and miscommunication can occur. Hiring for short-term employment might mean having a live-in nanny for two weeks while you're on vacation, or hiring a nanny to work the summer months in your home.

Nanny contracts aren't always necessary, but if you feel better about having one, consider something short and sweet. A sample nanny contract for a short-term nanny position might look like this:

NANNY CONTRACT between (name of employer) and (name of employee).

This contract is to confirm that (name of employer) is hiring (name of employee) to work as a nanny in our home from (start date) to (end date). The total amount of hours worked per week will not exceed (hours) or fall below (hours). The rate of pay will be (hourly rate). Job duties will include (list job duties).

That's it! Just ask the nanny to sign the contract, give her a copy to keep for her records and you can just file your copy away. If you really know the person you're hiring, you might decide not to do a nanny contract for really short-term positions. The decision is yours to make, whether you decide on no contract, or a mini contract.



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