Keeping the Kids Central to Nanny Contracts

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What should I be thinking when I'm in the midst of creating a nanny contract?

Keeping the Kids Central to Nanny Contracts

When creating nanny contracts, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the people they're really meant to protect: the children. It's easy to get bogged down in the weeds with details while forgetting to include clauses like “Must continue upgrading through safety courses, early childhood education workshops, and other professional development opportunities.” Pay and hours of work per week are important, but don't forget to think about the kids while you're creating the nanny contract.

The ideal nanny employment contract is very detailed and includes much more than the basic pay rates, hours of work per week, benefits, vacation, sick time, etc. Those things cover the Human Resources side of things. If you keep your kids in mind as you're writing the nanny contract, you won't forget their needs in the process.

The fact that your little boy has asthma is something you might take for granted. You've dealt with it so long now that you just know what to do. However, you might want to be very specific in the nanny contract when it comes to conditions like this. Maybe the nanny should check for smog alerts before venturing out with the boy, or maybe you'll want to ask her to pick up prescriptions at the drug store and make sure the boy's puffer is close at hand on scheduled outings. These are things you've been automatically doing for some time, but the nanny is new at this, so make sure to be very specific in nanny contracts.

Keep your children and their unique needs in mind when writing the nanny contract.



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