Room for Error in Nanny Contracts

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What if I forget to add something important to the nanny contract?

Room for Error in Nanny Contracts

Creating a nanny employment contract shouldn't cause you excessive anxiety or grief. It's really not that hard and there are plenty of sample nanny contracts to use as a guideline for creating your own. All it takes is a quick Internet search to find them. You might even know someone willing to share information on how they created their nanny contracts.

The biggest fear of completing nanny contracts is the fear of forgetting something vitally important. Well, if you've got the basics covered (salary, hours of work, specific job requirements and duties, and any bonuses or benefits you have to offer) chances are you'll be okay.

A trick to save your sanity and stop you from fretting so much over this nanny contract business is to include regular meetings into your contract. Stipulate that these meetings will be used to revisit the contract to make adjustments, if needed, including any additions, revisions, or deletions. That way, if you do forget something you wanted included in the nanny contract, you know that before long you'll have the perfect excuse to talk to your nanny about changes you'd like to make.

Using the contract as the mechanism for discussion shows respect for the nanny, and is legitimate way to track progress and make changes if required.



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