Learning About Nanny Contracts the Hard Way

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How important is it to ask to see a nanny contract before accepting a job?

Learning About Nanny Contracts the Hard Way

Let's say you're a newbie on the nanny scene and you're feeling pretty confident that you've found the perfect family to work for. You chatted via email or messenger, talked to the family on the phone, and then sat through two or three interviews with them. Everything is perfect. They give you an offer you can't refuse, shake hands over it, and go home to get ready for your first work day.

At first, everything is great! You're working a full day, doing some light housework, keeping the kids occupied with educational arts and crafts on rainy days and taking them out to the park on sunny days. Just before the family gets home from work, you peel potatoes, defrost meat, and set the table. These are all the things you were asked to do at the interview. You shook hands.

Suddenly, the family starts acting a little cool towards you. You've got the sense that something isn't right and then it happens: the family takes you aside to discuss their disappointment. They tell you that when they said “get supper started”, they really meant “have supper fully cooked and ready for when we get home.” Ouch. How were you suppose to know that?

Of course, this is just a very small reason why nanny contracts should be created and signed. As a new nanny, you might not have even thought to ask for a nanny contract before taking the job. It only takes one bad experience, however, to remember to ask for a nanny contract in your next position.



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