It Takes a Nanny to Know a Nanny

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Aren't nannies trained the way they used to be?

It Takes a Nanny to Know a Nanny

Smokers who finally kick the habit are probably more critical of their still-smoking friends than anyone else. It's the same with former nannies. If you spent years working as a nanny and then moved on to marriage and a family of your own, you're probably hyper-critical of everything your new nanny does. Think about how many times you've thought to yourself (or said out loud), “In my day…” or “When I was a nanny…” At some point in your life, you probably promised yourself you'd never sound like that. Well, guess what? You do!

Like anything, it's important to remember that things change and evolve over time. Maybe wearing jeans with holes in the knees was a definite no-no when you were a nanny. Now, not so much of a big deal. Hey, nurses used to have to wear starched whites and a nursing cap, but not anymore. Finding a nanny that the kids are happy with and who blends into the family unit comfortably isn't always an easy task. So, try to give your nanny a little bit of slack. The important thing is that she's qualified, has up-to-date first aid and CPR training, and watches your kids.

When it's all said and done, you have to ask yourself what matters more, the fact that your nanny put some pink and blue streaks in her hair, or that she really connects with the kids and does a great job?



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