Finding a Nanny at the Local University

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Is it possible to hire university or college students to work as a nanny in my home?

Finding a Nanny at the Local University

If you happen to live next to a college or university that offers a degree or diploma in childhood studies, you're in luck! Finding a nanny could be as easy as letting faculty know you have a job opening (they'll pass the information to their best students), or post a “Nanny Wanted” sign on the school's bulletin board.

Hiring a university student is especially good if you only need a nanny for the summer months. Naturally, the student will be returning to school in the fall. By hiring an Early Childhood student, you'll be giving them invaluable work experience. Instead of just discussing case studies, the student will have an opportunity to interact with children in the real world. It's possible that the work experience you offer these students can be used to satisfy any internship required for graduation. If anything, you'll be giving a university student a chance to earn some cold, hard, cash. That's something every university student can use.

So, if you're thinking about finding a nanny to work in your home for the summer months, don't underestimate the skills and motivation of university students. Call the school and ask the registrar to let faculty know you need a nanny



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