Becoming a Nanny Finder

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Could I start my own nanny finder business?

Becoming a Nanny Finder

If you've had experience working with nannies over the years, you've probably got a wealth of knowledge to share. Other families in the process of finding a nanny may come to you for advice on how to find a nanny. Maybe you even were a nanny for a while. If you've got that kind of experience and know-how when it comes to the business of hiring and/or working as a nanny, now might be the time to consider starting your own nanny finder business.

As a nanny finder, you could be the middle person, the one who matches families and nannies. Being a nanny finder is a work-from-home venture that could be a life-saver for families on a nanny search!

If you do decide to try opening a nanny search business, do a little bit of homework first. Remember, it is a business and that means you'll need to keep track of income, expenses, taxes, etc. Check out the U.S. business laws for your particular state to find out what you need to do to start your own business. You'll probably need a little bit of start-up money for advertising, a computer, printer, software, business license, and money for advertising.

With all of the experience and behind-the-scenes knowledge of the nanny business, your entrepreneurial venture should be a success.



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