Nanny Needed - STAT

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Do I need a nanny?

Nanny Needed - STAT

Sometimes you don't realize you need or want a nanny until an opportunity comes up. For example, you could be at the supermarket after a busy day. You know you've got to bring your daughter to ballet lessons and if you don't get her there soon, she's going to be late. Once you get her to ballet, you'll have to rush home to get supper started and then there's that enormous pile of laundry waiting for you.

You hardly even see what you're throwing into the cart. When you get home, you discover your accidently tossed a pregnancy kit into your cart (it was suppose to be a tooth whitening kit) and instead of a shampoo bottle, you grabbed a liquid laxative. Good grief! Nanny needed - STAT! If only you had taken the time to read the “Nanny For Hire” poster by the store's exit. A nanny would have had the laundry washed, dried, and folded. She could have brought your daughter to ballet lessons and had supper started so that when you got home, all you would have had to do would be to finish cooking the meal. Without that angst-ridden push to get home so fast, you might have slowed down enough to actually buy the right groceries.

Maybe it's time to do a nanny search and check out the Nanny for Hire classified.



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