Nanny Finders and Background Checks

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Do all nanny finder agencies do background checks?

Nanny Finders and Background Checks

Conducting a nanny search can create a lot of anxiety for the parents. This is someone who will be working (and sometimes living) in your home. This person will be responsible for the safety, care, and emotional well being of your children. Naturally, you're going to have some concerns.

There are many online nanny finder agencies that can help you find a nanny, but it's important to understand that nanny finder agencies may not do much initial screening. Non paying members can browse names, photographs, and sometimes view a limited profile. However, they can't contact a potential nanny. At that point, you can choose between different membership packages, some of which may offer screen services for a higher price than a basic membership package.

The extra money paid for an online nanny finder agency might get you a background check that includes a child abuse registry check and a criminal records check. Nanny finder agencies are great, but if you decide to go it alone, take the time to enlist the services of a lawyer and have background checks completed. The nanny understands it's nothing personal. Doing your due diligence up front could save you unnecessary surprises down the road.



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