Keeping the Nanny Search Anxiety-Free

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How can I avoid attracting unsavory "nannies" when posting a Nanny Wanted ad?

Keeping the Nanny Search Anxiety-Free

Chances are you know how to find a nanny, but you might be concerned about how to find a trustworthy one. Start interviewing a few candidates and you'll begin to wonder if there's anybody sane enough out there to trust with your little darlings.

Fear not! By going through a reputable online nanny finder agency, you'll feel confident that the nannies have gone through some basic screening. Some agencies don't go through an initial screening process, allowing anybody with the designation “nanny” to post their profiles on the webpage.

While you want word to get out that you're hiring a nanny, don't go so far as to post a Nanny Wanted sign on your front lawn. That's just an invitation for disaster. You'll wind up with more resumes in your mailbox than you can shake a stick at. You'll wind up talking with people who couldn't look after a flea circus let alone your children!

The best way to ease anxiety levels when conducting a nanny search, is to keep the search for finding a nanny professional. Talk to close friends and family for references, or complete an online profile with Just remember, you don't have to hire anybody unless you feel 100% comfortable.



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