Training The Perfect Nanny

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What kind of training should my nanny have?

Training The Perfect Nanny

When you're screening a nanny, don't forget to look for recent first aid and CPR training experience. While it's important to gauge the amount of experience a nanny has, ultimately you need to feel confident that she can handle emergencies that might come up. Whether it's a deep scratch or a broken bone, your nanny should know how to handle the situation.

If you've screened resumes and narrowed down your choices, don't hesitate to contact someone if they don't have recent safety training. Why miss out on hiring a nanny who's perfect for the family? You can always make safety training a requirement for the job and include it in the nanny employment contract. You can either make it a requirement for the nanny to get the training on her own, at her own expense, or include it as a “benefit” and arrange for the training yourself. The benefit of arranging the training yourself is that you get to specifically choose the training package and the trainer.

On the topic of training, you might want to consider adding professional development in general to the nanny agreement. How much post-secondary education does your new nanny have? A great benefit and incentive for her might be to include partial tuition toward early childhood education courses! Training these days is all about lifelong learning, so get behind your nanny and support her every step of the way.



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